Special Wrought Hitachi Blue laminated Blade

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Here's a super nice blade for those that appreciate these... sorry for the long read but this deserves it...

    This is an Echigo-Santou with "Togadashi" sharpening...

    This is forged by Shinichi Watanabe of Watanabe Blade... who by the way is a very helpful and talented guy!

    Go here to check out this series of special hunting knives... and click on the Togadashi sharpening to get an explanation...
    Japanese traditional utilty knives

    Actually the whole website has some pretty useful and interesting information on knives...

    I special ordered this knife along with another a couple years ago. It is as new and has only seen the inside of my shop and only cut paper and some manila rope.... It has what Shinichi calls a wide angle custom point... it is insanely sharp... IMHO...

    (please note this is Hitachi Blue Steel laminated with wrought iron... do not go hacking through hardwood and knots etc... or you might just damage this beauty... actually... I personally don't recommend you to that with any knife, blade or tool not specifically made for that purpose... use the right tool for the right job and you won't be disappointed )

    The handle is oil stained oak and is no longer available as an option. The knife now comes with cherry wood

    The sheath is oil stained ho wood. The maker of this sheath has since retired and a new maker is now doing them so I don't know if you order one today if the sheath will be the same...

    Check out the pics below...

    I received an email from Shinichi-san and you can order this knife brand new today with a 2 month wait as he indicated below (part of email - other part was personal [​IMG] )...

    "Echigo santou 240mm double bevel, Tanto shape like Okuotanitou, wide angle custom JPY67,000
    The sheath JPY10,000

    And the shipping

    The delivery is 2 months

    We accept some kinds of payment. (Paypal, VISA, MASTER, MO or,,,)
    If you'd like to order the knife, please let me know the one of payment.

    Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

    1 Inokobashinden, Sanjo-shi,
    Niigata-ken 959-1151 JAPAN
    Phone & Fax +81 (256) 45-2940"

    So that's 67,000 yen for the knife plus 10,000 yen for the sheath... or $753.61 (yahoo finance converter as of Saturday) plus shipping from Japan

    She's been "adopted"... Thanks for looking...

    Great blade for hacking around the jungle where our Monkey tribe lives...

    Thanks for looking,








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    Reminds me of the Toyokuni knives.

    和式刃物専門店 鍛冶屋豊国 高知トヨクニ

    Love it! The blue paper steel is similar to A2 (as I understand). If anybody wants to find out more about Toyokuni blades, you can request information by sending an email (in Japanese requesting response in English) by copying the info below:

    間伐腰鉈 ビーパル 6寸 両刃 白鋼 角度大 / 北海道向 (bip013-002) を、一本お願いします。

    Their email address is "order@toyokuni.info"
    They take PayPal and ship by EMS.
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    Good site, now if I can get them to make a clip point, 11inch blade X 2 inch, 5mm thick and the clip point sharpened.

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    Got here just a few minutes ago, very happy with it. I like the lightweight and cut of the knife. Much different than US style. Hachimaki from the mfg was a real surprise.

    Since this is a present for someone else(maybe!!) I'll wait to remove the shipping compound on the non sharpened portion of the blade. Can't wait to see the hammer marks and blade color from the foundry.

    WIFE also pounced on the kitchen knife, Oh well can't win them all.

    Thanks for the Molle Tourquiet carrier. One will be used for work gloves.

    I'll set up another F&S event and use the wood in Kansas next month.

    As usual, Great Deal Bear!
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