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    this description paintsa pictureof a brutallyeffectiveweapon in the righthands:

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    Doesn't make me sharpen my spade* any quicker...

    *Surprisingly, the spetsnaz soldiers also carry the little infantry spades. Why do they need them? It is practically impossible to describe in words how they use their spades. You really have to see what they do with them. In the hands of a spetsnaz soldier the spade is a terrible noiseless weapon and every member of spetsnaz gets much more training in the use of his spade then does the infantryman. The first thing he has to teach himself is precision: to split little slivers of wood with the edge of the spade or to cut off the neck of a bottle so that the bottle remains whole. He has to learn to love his spade and have faith in its accuracy. To do that he places his hand on the stump of a tree with the fingers spread out and takes a big swing at the stump with his right hand using the edge of the spade. Once he has learnt to use the spade well and truly as an axe he is taught more complicated things. The little spade can be used in hand-to-hand fighting against blows from a bayonet, a knife, a fist or another spade. A soldier armed with nothing but the spade is shut in a room without windows along with a mad dog, which makes for an interesting contest. Finally a soldier is taught to throw the spade as accurately as he would use a sword or a battle-axe. It is a wonderful weapon for throwing, a single, well-balanced object, whose 32-centimetre handle acts as a lever for throwing. As it spins in flight it gives the spade accuracy and thrust. It becomes a terrifying weapon. If it lands in a tree it is not so easy to pull out again. Far more serious is it if it hits someone's skull, although spetsnaz members usually do not aim at the enemy's face but at his back. He will rarely see the blade coming, before it lands in the back of his neck or between his shoulder blades, smashing the bones.

    The spetsnaz soldier loves his spade. He has more faith in its reliability and accuracy than he has in his Kalashnikov automatic.
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    or is this just more mythical unbermench pandering( soviet superhero b.s.) sptzsnaz are their best but we have a pro teams too.
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    I have trained with Spetsnaz, taking CQB lessons and other various hand to hand including Systema. I have never heard anything about a spade, but then again I never asked either. I do know that the AK itself, even when unloaded or empty is used as a hand to hand weapon.

    My US Military combat training, even the recent upgrade to UFC combatives was a complete joke compared to Spetsnaz. I do think that the Russians get a bad name because of how harsh some of their past training has been -but I never heard about rabid dogs or hacking at your own hand.
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    That little shovel looks exactly like my boy scout scoop. Still have it. Might make a pretty good slashing tool if I sharpened the edges just a bit, but I have no intention of letting anyone get that close. Too old for a lot of hand to hand and wet work, I'll just be sure to have an extra mag handy.
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    the army navy store here has them for 10 bucks. I got one for the kids to use when they first got them in, went back and got a couple more after seeing the show on the military channel.

    After a little practice, it was pretty easy to consistently stick it in trees out to 30'.
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