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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by overbore, Jan 24, 2009.

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    please, how a junior senator from Illinois with no international connections, could raise more international campaign funds than the Clintons with their 8 years of dealings, unless he was funded by International Central Bankers whose goal is to have one world system that is going to use Obama's hunger for power as the vehicle to achieve their larger goal of one world currency? Hmmmm?

    I only have a PhD in "Common Cents" but the entire national and international fiscal scenario has too many unusual events and odors to pass the "looks like a duck, quacks, and swims in the water" test to convince any group of thinkers that it is not a Soros Duck...... Just ask yourself "Who Benefits" from a fiscal crisis???? Feathers fall into place at an alarming rate if that one question or all of the above questions are answered; they are not separate, rather, they are integral components of One Control via a manufactured crisis for One Goal. seesaw

    Laus Deo


    ps I trust in God; fools trust in politicos whose words only adds to "global warming" and we know how false and baseless that claim is.

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    i'm just waiting for one of them white power freaks to shoot him then all hells gonna break loose and the riots are gonna start. i don't even wanna watch the man on tv give a speach because i'm afraid to see him get shot . it's a shot waiting to happen it's not if ?? it's when?? you thought the LA roits was bad man when they shoot this guy it's really gonna get bad.[peep]
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    I think he is safe from idiots. If the idiots are really thinking along those lines, I'd like to steer them away from him and toward the various dolts in Congress. The next House and Senate elections in two years are going to say a LOT, if nothing happens between now and then. In the meantime, who knows. Nothing is making sense any more, and Obie is really backpedaling on his promises.
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    What really threw me was the fact that Evelyn Rothschild was wholly supporting Mrs. Clinton openly, and I thought this would be a certain indicator. I never caught a single report about Obama and his dealings, which is surprisingly odd to tell the truth. Going back to the Kerry vs. Bush election, there was no shortage on information about their past dealings and the fact that they went to the same Skull and Bones Yale outfit. I was absolutely stunned how secretive Obama's past has been kept, even though we will undoubtedly hear about it increasingly as time goes on.
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