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    If any of you have an account at Sportsmansguide (GREAT place, I must say), I am happy to inform you that due to a BBB complaint that I filed, your order history is now safer. Previously, all you needed to find AN order history was to have the persons' name, address and phone number (easily obtained from a phone number database i.e. and you could access the last N number of days of orders.

    Now it is required to have the order number as well. Strictly speaking, while this is a significant improvement as you now have to have the order number to track your orders, it is not the best solution (IMO). But it was and is acceptable to me and hopefully you too as well for the time being. They have noted that they are going to implement a proper login system at some point in the future which is my preferred method of properly "tokenizing" an account.

    Happy shopping!
  2. RightHand

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    Good job UGRev. Even though there are many people who won't appreciate the importance of the change, they too will benefit from a more secure order history
  3. dragonfly

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    I had a great relationship with the sportsmans one time.
    Then, someone in their accounting dept. did something and tried to TAP into my bank account, after several years of great service and many items purchased....
    I had to close out my account and get a new credit card, as it was apparent that someone there had developed a taste for free money!
    I got hit for just over $800 in 2 days time.
    In August of last year.
    I hope they found out who it was and cleaned out their rats nests...until then I won't go back.
    Like I said, before that, I had great service and they had great products.....
    Too bad.
    My club membership is still good until November of this year too!
  4. UGRev

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    This is what happened to me ($1200.00) and what prompted me to check out the last 3 places I purchased from in the past 20 days (at that time, early Feb) to see who had a taste for my cash. I raised a brow at SG and notified them of their systems holes. They gave me a cookie cutter reply so I went to the BBB. I commend them on actually following through on fixing the issue.. but if you got robbed after shopping there and I had a similar experience after having shopping there in a relatively short period of time.. that just makes me go "hmmmmmmm"..
  5. dragonfly

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    That is definitely NOT a good sign at all!
    I'd hoped they'd have caught and dealt with the person that was involved in the credit card thefts....
    Too bad.
    I really enjoyed them and the products they have!
    Some people just have to get greedy, and screw up the works for everyone else!
  6. UGRev

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    Bummer.. guess I'll be shopping at MidwayUSA then. They've always been my 2nd choice anyway.
  7. Seawolf1090

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    I've never had a problem with SG or Midway, or any gun-related site. I did get hit with a $178 loss billed from some high-end luggage company in NYC - I'm a cheap SOB! I get my bags from Wally's or the various surplus vendors! I immediately reported the FRAUD to my CC company and got my money back - nice thing about doing business online is being able to check it any time. I keep a very close watch on all CC activity for my card. That time, I had to get a new account number and card - inconvenient for a few days, but it came out okay for me. Don't know if they ever caught the miscreant.
  8. UGRev

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    I check my activity daily.. I was able to catch it literally at 2am when I was working on some code. I called and created a fraud alert on my credit and had new cards requested in a matter of 20 mins. I called the next morning to notify the bank. Thankfully, those items never posted, not even to memo, and it was cleared in 3 days total time with no adverse affects other than my heart rate jumping a few notches.

    For the record, I've ordered A LOT of stuff from SG and never once had a problem and I CANNOT verify that any person(s) at SG were responsible for the fraud so I make my case to shop elsewhere based on my experience.
  9. fortunateson

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    Just a comment on this:

    I try to limit my online and credit card purchases for OPSEC reasons. As noted, someone at one of these outlets can easily access your account and if TSHTF, they'd have more reason to.

    Also, with PATRIOT ACT rules etc. Feds have greater access to this info. When (not if) draconian gun laws are enacted, don't be surprised if they start their enforcement with red flags provided by VISA, Mastercard, etc.

    Not saying I never buy from these guys. I do. Also, there is no such thing as 100% security (I'm posting here and that opens a few holes).

    But I feel better making the bulk of my purchases at gun shows with cash.
  10. UGRev

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    I completely see your point, however, I've never purchased any guns from them...mostly survival gear and ammo. I tend to spread my ammo purchases around but that's getting harder since the prices are whack-o high and finding low prices is moving towards only a handful of sites.
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