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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Bandit99, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Bandit99

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    I am looking for spotting scope to assist these old eyes... I really don't want to drop $500 because 90% of the time the range I go to only has a maximum distance of 200 yards, nothing farther something that would allow a good clear picture at 100 and 200 yards, weatherproof, rugged, mid-priced... does something like this exist or do I just bite the bullet and purchase a Vortex for $500-$600?

    Anyone of heard of Roxant? They have a 12-36X50 for $80 that has 4.7 stars out of 710 reviews but I am not sure 36 power is enough at 200 yards and find it hard to believe it's of decent quality for $80 bucks.

    Any recommendations for around $200-$250?
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  2. SB21

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    I'm interested in this as well . But mostly interested in a monocular . Something a little more portable .
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    ^^^^^ My 73 year old eyes second the Barska.
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  5. Merkun

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  6. hot diggity

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    Price point is the tough part, but going as big as possible, with 60mm being an absolute minimum will narrow the field. 82mm-88mm is optimal. $2500 spotting scopes pop up in pawn shops for $250, so keep your eyes open. I felt like I was stealing my 82mm Kowa, with pole, covers and more. ;)
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  7. Kruel J

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    Barska’s are decent glass for the scratch. So is Konus.
  8. Tully Mars

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    I use the above out back on my testing range. Good glass for the price. Depending on the type of targets you use and the calibre you're shooting this should do you. Out past 200yrds with standard targets anything under .30 can be hard to see unless you're using those splatter type targets (I hate those). Tripod is a bit on the cheap side but serviceable and shit, it's only a 100 dollar scope.
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    Pretty much the same thing here with the often over looked fact of getting a OEM full Kowa cover for the package price of $125.00
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    Okay guys, and I hear ya, a Barska! Thanks!

    @hot diggity "$2500 spotting scopes pop up in pawn shops for $250, so keep your eyes open"
    I had the same thought but spotting scopes around here are like trying to find a...well - you just don't see them and if they are sold then they are sold to a friend or relation. It's real gun country here. I have been combing the pawn shops for the past 2 months and not a nibble...but I'll keep looking.
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