Spring Food Riots?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jim2, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Do you really trust what a site called EUTimes says? 0 is complete hack and buffoon but I doubt what this site says has any truth to it.
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    Bubba and his wife aren't hurting or starving yet. He can still fill up the F150, he can still watch NASCAR and football on TV while drinking his Bud.
    She can still sip her latte while watching DWTS and Idol.
    Junior and Sissy have their video games and Farcebook......

    All is good in Mainstreet, USA. [beer]

    Come autumn, things might be different.....

    Americans do not march and protest at the drop of a hat like those in London and Paris. It's not yet become a national past time here....... :rolleyes:
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    You are correct, and I'm not in the least worryed about it here. Other countries are a different story. I only thought it interesting that anyone would print this.
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    Yep, folks now are so caught up by the 'freedom movement' in the sandbox that few remember a lot of this began as food riots and protests. Like any crises though, it was seized on and morphed into something different by the various activists......
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    No food and no work ignited the ME; a media feeding frenzy and a president in dire need for the public's attention to be somewhere away from his failures.
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    I suspect thats cuz most Americans don't have the time to what with working to put food on the table. I've long suspected that what marches & protests there are, are filled with people on welfare & the nonworking spouses of the middleclass.

    Me, I'm Upper Lower Class. Cuz I make enough to pay my bills. Don't hurt I'm not dumb enough to buy cars or houses waaaaaay outta my league to keep up appearances.
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    I don't believe everything I read either, with that said though, you better believe food riots are possible in this nation. We have a nation with it's share of lazy crack heads in it. They will steal, riot, and even worse for their all important fix. These are the folks who's azzes will be kicked when they arrive at my farm, I have no time for it.
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    Well, when Leroy and Lakiesha stop getting their Welfare checks, food stamps, etc - THEN we'll see protests and looting/rioting for sure.
    But those 'entitlements' will be the last thing the Misadministration will stop paying for. The DC Masters will keep buying votes as long as they can borrow the money from China........

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    They don't need to borrow the money, they can just print it.
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    As there are more of them, don't forget Jose and Margarita
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    Not to come off sounding racist - Cletus and Earlene will do likewise. Except ol' Cletus still has his shotgun........ [stirpot]
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    Can't we just eat cake?
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    Mrs. 0bama says as we are supposed to eat healthy, no cake.
  15. Seawolf1090

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    Didn't y'all get bobo's message? We'll all get the free Bubble-up and be eating Rainbow Stew......... "Hope & Change"..... [booze]

    Yep, we'll 'hope' the unwashed masses see the light and vote some real 'change' next time.
  16. Hispeedal2

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    Back to the OP, how are those riots working out?

    Eventually, people will start seeing EU Times and some of these other "alternate" sources as what they are... a good farce.

    I'd like to see the track records of some of these places. I like to keep track of "predictions" or "credible sources". Patterns become clear fast. The "truth" from EU Times is few and far between. What is a more common occurrence is an inability to prove an article one way or another (usually using secret, unreachable sources). That's not news or facts... its called speculation (or outright lies- motive likely being drawing in numb skulls to the advertising that litters the pages).

    IMHO EU Times = Questionable at best.

    That doesn't change my outlook. There are much better reasons to prep and stock food. Common sense comes to mind.
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    I honestly don't know if we'll see food riots. Some say yes, others no. I DO think we'll see a food shortage. Here's why.

    Last year, parts of the breadbasket suffered from drought. Harvests were far below normal. This year, we have the flood, with hundreds of thousands of acres of prime crop land flooded, including some deliberately flooded to ease the impact of the Mississippi on areas where levees were weakening, or being inundated.

    Last winter, the cold snap reached far into Mexico and FLorida, both of which are the primary suppliers of fruit and veggies in the winter months.

    No matter how great reserves are, there is always a bottom. If these events continue, we'll hit it. The only answer the .gov will have, IMO, is rationing.

    Now, what happens when Joe Average goes to the store, and is told, 'you can't get all of that, put some of it back'?
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    It will likely start in Europe first. If their grand European Union starts to break down, due to the fiscal and economic problems caused by the PIIGS (Portugul, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), the rest of the world is not far behind.

    Food riots are not necessarily an artifact of low food production, that is but a cog in the great machinery of Just In Time stocking.

    Reduce the value of welfare disbursements because the goobermint is broke, and the inner cities will get heated, quickly. Cut the programs that house and feed a vast majority of inner city residents and a large portion of semi-rural residents, and you will have a pot getting ready to boil over.

    Just a quick reminder - there are MILLIONS of people on government assistance, and I know for a FACT that they do not all reside in large cities.

    The Fed is printing money so fast, the presses are smoking. FACT

    So add in devaluation of currency along with increasing food prices. FACT

    Increased fuel costs creating higher delivery costs. What money you do have is already buying less. FACT

    People without a store of food will quickly take to the streets. FACT

    Rationing will lead to fights over who can have what. FACT - Post Andrew Miami had more than it's fair share of riots over food rationing. People get angry when standing in line in the hot sun for 10 hours for 6 cans of food (soup) and 2 gallons of water. The National Guard was walking patrols enforcing laws and curfews - with orders to shoot looters on sight (martial law).

    Sheeple will not be satisfied that they can only have one gallon of milk, one loaf of bread, 10 apples, and a box of cereal (food rationing). FACT

    It will start as sheeple arguing about how many mouths they have to feed, and the anger will escalate from there, spilling out into the neighborhoods, with looting and rioting. FACT

    This scenario would be a very easy way for the goobermint to declare martial law - instituting curfews, answering violence with escalating force. FACT - see above example - Examine post Hurricane large cities, like Miami and New Orleans

    In more remote and rural communities where there is one, maybe two grocery stores, the trailer parks will be the catalyst that ignites the fires of unrest. Nothing wrong with living in a trailer park, I have. However, knowing that 75% of your neighbors, at minimum, in these parks are on government assistance and live hand-to-mouth will be a rude wake up call.
    The remote, outlaying, isolated farmsteads will most likely start seeing an increase in crime - theft, mostly. It will likely escalate from there. FACT.

    If we enter a collapse similar to the one experienced by Argentina, or even Zimbabwe, (and it grows more likely with each passing day) the middle class will disappear overnight. There will be two classes: the rich and the poor. Food riots will be much wider spread and vastly more horrific as Joe Sixpack gets desperate and needs to feed his kids. Crime will skyrocket. Violence will be the norm, not the exception.

    Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.
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  19. beast

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    with the way the weather has been and the world wide disasters the past few years
    food shortages are entirely too possible, even probable
    i usually never buy food but here it is almost june and my garden sets empty
    just becuz of the weather, with 2 of my kids having moved back home, bringing their kids, my stockpile is seriously depleted, if winter is hard or another of thekids moves back in, ill be ****ed
    most of us are well prepared for anything, but then the unexpected happens
    2, 3 or more things like that at a time and we arent as ready aswe thought anymore
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    One thing I notice too is the near total lack of roadside fruit&veggie vendors. Crops just aren't coming in well. Friends and co-workers have had serious crop failures, or a lot more vermin attacking before they are ripe.
    If weeds were edible, I'd be set for life......... ;)
    I've been watching milk steadily rising to ridiculous levels. Bread ain't cheap. ANY meat is going stratospheric......
    As fuel and transportation costs rise, so does the food! Monsanto is doing their part to kill the home farmer. Our crops will become steadily infected with the GMO genetics.
    Next time the local co-op is selling biddies, I may lay in a stock, and raise my own steroid-free chickens.
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