Springfield Armory M6 Scout for sale

Discussion in 'Firearms and Related' started by edwardavion, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. edwardavion

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    The M6Scout I had for sale has been sold. Thanks all for your interest. (Wish I had a dozen more to sell)

    If anyone is interested, I have a pristine M6 Scout in Stainless Steel for Sale. I have only fired it twice--no more than a couple dozen rounds fired since I bought it.

    Can post photographs if interested.
  2. Hispeedal2

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    I would be interested, but skeptical, considering this is your first post. Hit me up on PM.
  3. edwardavion

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    M6 Scout edwardavion

    I will take pics tomorrow and post them. I realize I am new to the site, but am legit. I failed to mention that I purchased the M6 New in 1999; it's in the original Springfield Armory Carrying Case with Owner's operating Manual and original bill of sale. (Sorry not sure what "PM means so thought I should post to the site) Ed S. Northern Michigan.
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    "PM" is private message. In the upper right hand corner of the main page you should see a box with a welcome message and a link for private messages. I think, but do not know, you need 5 posts for that feature to be enabled. If you set it up in your Control Panel (CP at the top of the page) you'll get an e-mail notification that there's one waiting for you. If you didn't set it up that way, you'll see a notice box when you log in.
  5. edwardavion

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    Stainless Steel M6 Scout Photos

    Here are some photos of my M6 Scout for Sale. Contact me if Interested. Ed S. SOLD!
    M6 SCOUT 001. M6 SCOUT 002. M6 SCOUT 003. M6 SCOUT 004. M6 SCOUT 005. M6 SCOUT 006.
  6. spacecoast

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  7. RightHand

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    Springfield Armory M6 Scout

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  8. melbo

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    How much are you asking for the M6 Scout?
  9. spacecoast

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    $500 delivered to CONUS.


  10. jrkmccormick

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    My husband owns an M6 Scout that he purchases several years ago, brand new. My son has fallen in love with it this year during squirrel and deer season, and I decided his own M6 would make a great birthday present for him (Dec 28th).
    And then I found out they've been discontinued, and have spent all day searching the internet for somewhere to purchase one. Almost all the sites and things I've read have pointed back to this website in some form. So please pardon the "newbie", as I registered just now to post that I'm actively searching for an M6 to purchase and have in hand by my son's birthday.
  11. jrkmccormick

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    Forgot to add that I'm in Houston, TX. -- Since I just registered I don't have the private message option yet, and I'm not certain that I'm knowledgeable enough in these areas to add any worthy comments or discussions to threads. I don't want to junk any up just to make my five post requirement.
  12. thursday

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    If you still have the M6 for sale consider it sold. I can be reached here.

  13. thursday

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    I'm also interested in yours if it's still available and the price is right.


  14. spacecoast

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    Email inbound.
    Thank you,

    I offer a 3-day unconditional return policy: If for any reason whatsoever you receive the gun and change your mind, I will refund your entire purchase price of $500, no questions asked, no 'restocking fee', unconditional, full refund. All I ask is that you notify me that you wish to return it within 3 business days. I've gotten so many inquiries that I'm sure that I can resell it. I want to develop a reputation for honesty and integrity here.
  15. spacecoast

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    You seem so polite and courteous, I sincerely hope you are able to purchase an M6 for your son.

    Although my M6 has a buyer, if for whatever reason the deal falls through I would be honored to let you know.


  16. edwardavion

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    Will Sell my Stainless M-6 Scout

    I will sell my Stainless M-6 Scout; pictured in this thread for $600.00. I will guarantee as well as this is a well cared for 1999 model. I will pay shipping and insurance for this price. Will ship within 24 hours. You may contact me if interested @ my direct email account; edwardavion@gmail.com
  17. edwardavion

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    I am asking $600.00 delivered. I have pics posted above.
    Thanks! Ed
  18. edwardavion

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    Salbasic please contact me

    Anthony, I attempted to answer your PM, but your message box is full. My apologies to the members for using this thread for this purpose. Edwardavion
  19. edwardavion

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    Anthony-Photos as requested

    Anthony-Photos of my Scout as requested. Thank you. Ed
    Scout 07. Scout 08.
  20. gillman7

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    Is it 22lr or 22 hornet?
: m6 scout
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