Complete Firearms Springfield Armory M6 Scout

Discussion in 'Firearms and Related' started by tlance22, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. tlance22

    tlance22 Monkey+

    I have for sale a new in the box M6 Scout with scope and blue case 22LR/410 Matte Finish/parkerized. Since I'm new to forum I will have any local dealer of your choice handle the sale so you know it's perfectly safe. Best offer gets gun.Anyone interested in photos etc just let me know.Thanks.
  2. driller

    driller Monkey

    I am in California and I would be interested I am also new to this forum. Send me you info and we can discuss the sale.
  3. tlance22

    tlance22 Monkey+

    M6 Scout

    You can contact me at _________________
  4. SteelHalo

    SteelHalo Monkey

    If this M6 is still for sale I'm ready and willing to take it off your hands, everything is already in place. Please let me know.________________
  5. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    THat was ....intersting

    what are the odds?

    4 probationary members, 3 looking for the same hard to find, yet here's one still NIB, weapon. Really?

    And they all post their email addresses?

    For these new members, I would suggest the PM is the better way to go, less likely that a 'bot will get your email addr.

    And when that flood of banks offers - from Africa - rolls in, I would suggest taking a pass on those as well. /.
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  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Email addresses deleted, PM suggesting OPSEC sent.
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  7. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    I logged on this morning and immediately caught scent of a foul odor. Traced it here. Smells like a week old halibut to me.
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  8. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace

    The guy PM'd me about it and I sent it straight to ignore land.
  9. ColtCarbine

    ColtCarbine Monkey+++ Founding Member

    No selling price?
  10. oldawg

    oldawg Monkey+++

    Wait! Those deals from Nigeria ain't real? Oh man,just can't trust anything any more.LOL
  11. cdnboy66

    cdnboy66 Monkey++

    ah you guys are saying there really is no scout rifle [drooling] to be had for way cheap from an unknown source on the internet??

    the interwebs are just so cruelhissyfit[hissyfit]
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