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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by long colt, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. long colt

    long colt Monkey+

    Hellow everyone, I am not sure if I am in the right spot but lets see what happens.
    I just picked up an M6 Survival .22/410
    Model M04244

    on the left side in the springfield stamp it says 1974 is that the year it was made?
    Any info on this gun would be grest.
  2. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    If you'll go to the search field above the chatbox and type in Springfield M6, you'll get a bunch of threads related to this little combo. Several of us own them either in .22LR/.410 or .22 Hornet/.410; I own one of each. They were originally made for the Air Force as a survival tool. Does yours have a trigger or a trigger lever?
    I have one in my BOB. It is taken apart into the two pieces and has the barrels wrapped in para-cord. I drilled out two of the shell slots to hold a waterproof match box, one with fire starter and matches and the other has fishing gear and a ferrous rod. I also screwed a knife sheath to the side of the stock for a small camp knife.
  3. long colt

    long colt Monkey+

    thanks for the reply. Mine has a lever about 3'' long not your normal triger. Would this one be made in 1974? That is what is stamped on the side
  4. Rex Lee

    Rex Lee Monkey+

    Whats the going rate for one of these? I had the chance to pick one up for $200 a couple of weeks ago. It was .22 hornet, pl us .410.
  5. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    If it was in "Good" or New condition, you missed a very Good deal.... If it was in "Fair" condition, the you missed an average Deal, and if it was in "Poor" condition, you saved yourself some greenbacks (FRNs).....
  6. long colt

    long colt Monkey+

    I got mine as a GIFT. It also does not have a triger guard and is made in the good ol USA
  7. Hud33

    Hud33 Monkey+

    The 1974 refers to the year that Springfield Armory, Inc. was formed. If yours does not have CZ on one side it was probably made in the 1990s. The M6 is a nice tool. I have two as well. One in 22LR/.410 and one in 22Hornet/.410.
  8. Airborne Monkey

    Airborne Monkey Gorilla Survivalpithecus

    You should have jumped on that. I've seen the ones in .22 Hornet going for upwards of $600.00 recently - more if they have original boxes with them.

    Goodness gracious, why did you do all of that? Why encourage anyone else to deface theirs in a similar fashion?

    First of all, wrapping the barrels old jimbo style totally warps the barrels and makes them inaccurate. The top barrel will shoot high and the bottom barrel low ... but it negatively affects the 22 barrel the worst. The extra storage space could have been pouched on the butt stock rather than drilling the shell holders. Every modification you made could have been satisfied without drilling anything on the firearm.

    I've have a few, they are neat little combo guns.

    The one you evidently didn't do, which would have required no drilling, is to replace the take down pin with a bolt and wingnut.

    Yours should read Springfield Armory, Inc, Geneseo, Illinois, 1974 which was the year that Robert Reese started the SAI company. What color is yours, blue/black or silver? If yours does not have a trigger guard then it could possibly be an AF issued model ... but that doesn't really jive with the SAI 1974 date on the side. More than likely the squeeze bar trigger guard has been removed.

    Same here, more than two actually. And once you get used to them they do make excellent little truck guns or absolute last resort guns and are surprisingly accurate.
  9. CoverBuster

    CoverBuster Monkey+

    [BSf]I see no proof , nor have any of the 5 that I have wrapped for me and friends .
  10. Airborne Monkey

    Airborne Monkey Gorilla Survivalpithecus

    Then, and I'll try to put this as kindly as possible - even sugar coat it so as to not offend you, but you are either not being totally honest or you are not shooting them after you wrap them ... one of the two. Which one is it?

    Anyone who has ever tried it and then tried shooting it has had the same complaint - their accuracy went out the door. Now, some had a hard time figuring out what happened, some even got rid of their M6s thinking they were not straight shooters .... and there were those of us around waiting to buy them up, cheap ... which is exactly how my small collection started.

    You've wrapped (uh ugmmmm) "5" of them with no problems huh? Well, those of us who have actually wrapped their M6 barrels with paracord discovered early on that the way around the warping issue is to either wrap very very lightly (but that really doesn't work well) or we wedge our barrels before wrapping being careful to not skew either barrel in the process. We've wedged them with anything from small rubber blocks to empty carbon or aluminum arrow shafts on both sides, (which is my preffered method because those shafts are usable in a shtf situation, especially when filled with needles and floss or water purification tablets, etc), and I've heard of a long thick lamenated leather strip being used as well. I've even been told by one of my buds that he rolled duct tape, then pressed it flat and used it to wedge between the two barrels before winding them.

    You want more "proof?" (Next time, before showing your ignorance in your response, you may want to do your own google search.) But you want to (sic) "see" "proof?"

    Here is a video from Pathfinder (Dave Canterberry) using the M6 ... note the double-wrapping and wedge between his barrels and note the comments under the video about barrel warping and then, make special note, of Dave's response:

    YouTube - The M6 Scout Follow up Review

    Here, I'll quote the comment section for you because you have already demonstrated that you are too lazy to do your own double-checking before sticking your 1st point of contact in your piehole:

    I hate having to do the homework for weekend warriors who are too lazy to do it for themselves. And there are plenty moe examples of similar warping issues and similar responses - for those who just google it.

    So CoverBuster, since you called me out on this, I'll ask you again; Either you are the bull$#!++er here, claiming to have wrapped five M6 barrels, or you never shot any of them after wrapping them which, imho, is just as pathetic. Which one is it? Are you lying about wrapping five barrels or have you been screwing up your friends' survival pieces with your negligent ignorance?

    See, you're dangerous to people, and I do not mean to be ugly ... but survival is serious business. Intentionally giving someone incorrect information about something as important as their potential survival firearm is serious business - really criminal in my mind. You attempt to circumvent sound prepping practices with comments such as yours and, if someone happened to read what you wrote and believe you or was as lazy as you obviously are, to either not research my claim themselves or too lazy to actually shoot one after wrapping it ... then that might very well cost someone their life in a survival situation. You are what we refer to as a poser. You pretend to know what you are talking about and you fly your little animated flags thinking your are cute when, in reality, you're pathetic.

    Not cool, CoverBuster. I guess you might say, your cover has just been busted, huh? Now, I suppose you were flying that B.S. flag to indicate spewing your own bravo sierra, correct? You were warning me in advance that you are a master bull$#!++er and I suppose I was just supposed to shrink away when I saw that flag of yours flying, huh? Your problem is, I hate a frickin' hypocrite, and without a doubt, you are a bull$#!++in' hypocrite slick.

    I'd love to hear what sort of "cover" you have ever "busted?" I suspect you are yanking our chains on that one as well but if you want to compare notes on military service records you are welcome to PM me ... slick.

    Next time you may want to reserve your flag flying for when you are looking at yourself in the mirror. And let's see how much honor you have by how quickly you issue a public apology.

  11. CoverBuster

    CoverBuster Monkey+

    Just cause you go on a half page diatribe [loco] dont make you right . Matter of fact I just got a call to wrap another for a friend .

    IF you are smarter than dirt you know NOT to go fiddle string tight on the double wrap . Single wrap the .410 barrel then wrap both SNUG . Like this fine example . Notice the 30-30 tube sling mount , pretty slick .



    Go ahead and hit the link . [​IMG]

    So I pulled 2 shots , still a dead rabbit .

    You seem to not believe me , why the hell should I give your insane ramblings and no proof of real life experiance a second thought ???

    Funny how that works .
  12. CoverBuster

    CoverBuster Monkey+

    damn photobucket , link wont work . try this and go to the last page .

    Pictures by KIDGLOCK - Photobucket

    Also , Mr. Monkey , Your out of your lane , better check that " Higher Than Thou" tude at the door .

    You post Canterbeery , that tard cant even put the shoulder straps on an ALICe frame right . WTF .
  13. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    That's enough, troops. Put your sharp tongues away or go play with the PMs instead of here in public.
  14. CoverBuster

    CoverBuster Monkey+

    Roger That .

    With all due respect ghrit , I dont take a hit with out hitting back and I dont hide in PM's .

    I've said my piece . Also proving that what I said was true .
  15. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    With all due respect to you (and ABM), all hits are off the forum for a reason. This site will not deteriorate to a public flame war palace. There is a CoC for a reason or three. Recommend a return to the topic.
  16. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    At least I wasn't at the heart of this one. Good stuff, but it's settled.

    If you wrap the barrel, be certain to wrap them separately and if you decide to wrap over both, do it with common sense in knowing that if it is wrapped too tightly, you can tweak the barrel. Case closed.
  17. Airborne Monkey

    Airborne Monkey Gorilla Survivalpithecus

    So here's a rhetorical question.

    Everyone raise your hand who knows five (5) people within your AO who owns a M6.

    Let me see .... let's count'em ... let's see ... there is ... anyone? Anyone?

    That's what I thought. Five (5) M6s within a hundred mile radius of one another in this country, or any country, would be very unusual. Agreed? Now, let's take into account that all five of those, if anything even remotely close to this existed, would want one person to wrap the barrels of their M6s with paracord.

    No flame. Just a rhetorical question.

    I've been around here since 2007 and lurked 5,000 threads in that time. If we're going to discuss survival tactics, firearms, chow, first aid, etc., ... roger that. I'm all in and usually I just lurk, I rarely post. But if someone blows smoke up my airborne backside then I am probably going to have to call bravo sierra.

    If we are a serious forum then that is what we are supposed to do, correct?

    So again, how many raised their hands claiming to have five (5) close friends within 100 miles who own M6s?
  18. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Rhetorical answers, then. There are no M6s around here that I've been able to find. But, if I had one, I'd wrap the barrels with paracord, simply to have a way to carry a bulk length. And, being a single shot, the odds are I'd use it for small game, one shot at a time and obviate the heating question. Now, then, this game is over.
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