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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by RouteClearance, Dec 15, 2017.

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    With every major manufacturer now making AR15's, it was only a matter of time before Springfield Armory would jump on the bandwagon.

    The Saint is a mid-level priced AR that has a lot of the more expensive AR features that so many of the armchair warriors demand.

    Bought mine today and these are my initial impressions.

    1st, the price. Mine was $799 plus tax, which was a total of $856.00
    2nd, is the case it came in, I have seen AR’s and FN SCAR’s selling for more than $2000.00 come in a basic cardboard box, not the Saint.
    This one comes in a nice hard case.

    Now, let’s open it

    You get a nice Pmag and a lock with your users manual. Don’t know manufactures the butt stock,

    Probably will exchange it with a CRT.

    3rd, the barrel, bolt, and bolt carrier are treated with a process known as Melonite(salt bath nitrided), which is a chemical form of case hardening that makes the treated steels rust proof.

    4th, the bolt is magnetic particle tested. Something that every armchair warrior demands(as a side note, I have not graced the forums of AR15.com in over tens years because of the snobbish and very opinionated attitudes of their members)

    As for my initial impressions, is the Saint a good buy? You betcha, need to get some range time to provide a good field report.
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  2. Bandit99

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    @RouteClearance Congrats! I also looked real hard at a SAINT and like you I think it is a lot of gun for the money. I ended up buying the gun of my dreams (PWS Mk116) but I still might get a SAINT as a spare/extra AR (wife's AR?) because I really like what I saw and felt. Anyway, congrats and let us know how it shoots.
  3. NVBeav

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    Ditto on looking real hard at one; Springfield did well putting these together. I've heard they're accurate too.
    When you get a chance to look, could you give a little run-down on the Accu-Tite tension system?
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  4. Yard Dart

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    Nice rig.....looking forward to the gear review on that weap!!
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  5. RouteClearance

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    Here is a more detailed review of the trigger, furniture, and the Accu-Tite Tension system

    Furniture, which includes the butt stock, forearm, and pistol grip is made by a company called Bravo Company, BravoCompanyUSA.com The forearm is very comfortable to hold, unlike the quad rails that feel like you are grasping a cheese grater. I have no plans to upgrade anything on this rifle for the exemption of the butt stock. I have a CRT and a standard M4 type butt stocks in a spare parts bin. I simply cannot dig what is on it now, feels like a boat paddle.
    The barrel is a mid-length type with a standard G.I. contour marked .556 with a 1/8 twist.

    The trigger,,,is a nickel/boron coated G.I. unit that I find very pleasing, Trigger breaks at a nice 5 1/2lbs with very little of the standard G.I. Creep most of us are familure with. Now, I also believe that the trigger is made by Bravo Company also, but I could be wrong.
    48A330EC-8264-4C7C-9B89-01A67145F3B3. For the last item, the Accu-Tite Tensioning system, which is a screw that has a blue nylon tip that is tightened by removing the pistol grip. There is some movement between the upper and lower, but want to compare accuracy before and after. Which will require some range time.

  6. Ura-Ki

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    I Got to play with one of the first offerings and was pleased with what I saw. I didn't pick it up and take it home with me sadly, something i kind of regret! You get a lot of good with a factory built rifle at a decdnt price. Not something you find often, especially since Colt really fell off the map with quality vs price!
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