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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by fritz_monroe, Jan 24, 2008.

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    I've been shopping for my first handgun for about 2 weeks. I've done lots of Internet research, and I've visited several gun shops. I think I've decided on the .40 S&W. I have to keep it below $600, and I'm really leaning towards the Springfield XD-40. The online reviews have been really good. I know it received a pistol of the year. So, anyone with first hand experience, what do you think of this for a first handgun? While I do want to hear the good, I'd be very interested in the negatives as well.
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    While I have a XD-45, I would like to own a XD-40. I truely like my XD and will probably always own one.
    The only problem I have had is with reloads, my XD has what seems to be a fairly tight chamber tolerance. It shoots factory very well, but if a reload is slightly out of specs, my slide will close, the hammer will drop, but will not discharge. You say, simply rack the slide, but it isn't that easy. You have to take a rod down the barrel and with a mallet, smack it open. You cannot take the slide off because you have to have the slide back to turn the dissasembly lever. I have since bought a tolerance guage and now guage all of my loaded rounds and have found that withfired brass, there are some casings out there hat don't meet spec.
    I now guage every round I reload as I dont want this to happen when I need it in a pinch.
  3. Valkman

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    I also have a XD-45 and would highly recommend any of the XD line. In fact I may get another!
  4. Tango3

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    Do the "strike fired" guns give a double/single action affect to the trigger? Melbos("underdog" post)has got me considering 9x19's now. I guess Rugers got a new one out( sr9 or something like that..)
  5. Blackjack

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    Might be a good idea to go somewhere that you can try out a 40 vs. a couple others. See how you like the feel/recoil.
  6. Nomad 2nd

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    I was VERY interested in the XD's... Until I found out that I could not get all the parts... I called Springfield and talked to several people, they have no intention on changing this policy.

    Then I began spending alot of time at Tactical Response, first taking classes, and then helping. (I am NOT one of their instructors)

    I've seen XD's fail time after time. (Not every one, but I'm more suprised when they make it through a class than when they don't.)

    The main problems I've seen:

    -Mags are a weak point, they fail easily when they get dirty
    -Ambi mag release gets grit in it, and locks up
    -Striker does not engage
    -Slide locks INTO battery (Factory ammo..)

    I won't touch one.

    SIGS, Glocks... Berettas, rugers... I don't like all of them, but they (With a few exceptions like Sigmas) work.
  7. kckndrgn

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    I like XD's, my wife has the XD-9 as her daily carry. (I carry a Glock)

    I have not seen any of the issues that Nomad has, at least not at the gun range where I work.

    We did have one of our XD's lock up, but it was found to have a failed internal part that seized it up solid.

    Sniper, as far as reloads, I have not had any issues there. I reload for my wifes practice and have never had a problem with rounds loading. (maybe I'm just that good at reloading [lolol])

    Anyhoo, my opinion is they are great guns, but as with all things mechanical the can and do break and need proper maintenance. Not being able to get parts is one thing I don't like about them. But since the wife liked the way it shot, felt good in her hands, it was the right choice for her.
  8. E.L.

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    I have three of the XD's and like them very well. Two .45's and a 9mm. I have about 1200 rounds through them, and have yet to have a FTF, FTE, or a FTF. So far they have been very reliable. I am very pleased with mine. Take a look through the XD forum:

    http://www.xdtalk.com/forums/index.php? I am sure they can give you lots of pros and a few cons also.

  9. fritz_monroe

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    I was hoping someone had a link to a forum on them. That's one variation of the name that I didn't try. I'll take a look. Thanks.
  10. E.L.

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    There are quite a few things I like about my XDs. For one, they are light, and easy to carry concealed for extended period of times. With 13+1 they have about twice the capacity of my 1911s and they are quite a bit lighter. I also like the grip angle of the XD, it is a lot more like a 1911, and not at all like the Glock. I also like the reliability and ease of take down and cleaning. I think that what sealed the deal for me was that I found that I shot the XDs very well. The XD grip is also slimmer than a Glock, even though it is a double stack magazine and holds 13 rounds. Glocks, I just never felt that comfortable or confident shooting them. Not to mention that for the price of one really nice 1911, I can buy 2 XDs.

    Past threads on this: http://survivalmonkey.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2127

  11. BigO01

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    Fritz I mean no insult when I say this but in almost 100% of the cases of people buying their first handgun "that I have met" they have limited experience with any handguns .

    If this doesn't apply to you ignore this post but , if it does I strongly recommend a solid double action Revolver in 357 as a first .

    Automatics "really semi autos" are just a tad bit more complicated for a new shooter .

    Far to much time is spent by the inexperienced getting "Use" to or learning "The Gun" when they need to be learning the basics of good form for accurate shooting of any handgun .

    Even the most common problem with autos soon becomes a frustration , with the simple fact of outsourcing comes QC questions in related parts such as magazines or slide stops .

    When you find yourself with a new gun that you paid hundreds of dollars for that came with a bad magazine or even more then one it soon detracts from your enjoyment of learning the skills and is normal to even turn you off of what may indeed be a fine weapon.

    Just as an example I have a Taurus PT 940 that I mention in another thread , I bought it new with 5 extra magazines and it came standard with one so I have a total of 6 .

    The gun functions 100% reliably with 5 of the 6 magazines , the 6th it will occasionally lock the slide open after 3 or 4 shots .

    Being as I have been shooting for decades when the gun did this the second time I immediately took out my pocket knife and made a mark on the bottom of the magazine that was in the gun and set it aside for the rest of the day and the gun never stooped running . Three more range trips it ran 100% the 4th my son helped me gather up stuff and load mags and Lo and behold the slide locked back while shooting it and sure enough my son had included the marked one accidentally .

    While I love the gun imagine what my opinion of it would be if I had bought it with only the one mag that was the bad one and was then expected to spend $30+ for another one or wait till the factory fixed the problem if I were new to semi auto handguns and the possible problems they may have .
  12. Panhead

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    While I'm not sure of your skill level with handling firearms, the XD line change my thinking about being a 1911 only fan.
    The XD's I have shot and disassembled, have taken the Anti Glock plastic mentality away from me.
    I could not believe the difference in feel from the XD Verses the Glocks.
    I would suggest to you to move forward and purchase it, but also get some range time in with someone who is proficient with handguns and you should have a great weapon that will protect you without any troubles doing so.
    And remember to come back to this thread and update us on the progression.
  13. E.L.

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    Just a little bit of training makes a huge amount of difference and it will give you an edge over 90%+ of the people out there with handguns.
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