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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by fmhuff, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. fmhuff

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    I was out shooting my G23 today and a new shooter I hadn't seen before sets up beside me. He had been out of shooting for quite a number of years and purchased a brand new Springfield XD/M pistol in 9mm. First time to shoot it was today.

    So, I'm blasting away with my .40 and notice he doesn't have a good grip. We talk, he corrects it, changes the palm swell and isn't doing too bad.

    After a while he ask if I'd like to try it out. We change guns and something amazing happened. My groups tend to be about six inches across counting the more independent rounds. It's a little hard for these eyes to see the sights well. But this isn't really bad shooting. I pull up the XD crank off about five rounds not concentrating on super accuracy but trying to get a feel for the gun and all the rounds punch holes in the orange center 10 ring. Whoa, I thought. He comments on the G23's recoil and we trade back. I'm going to keep my Glock. I like it and am learning to handle it well. It's reliability is legend.

    I was simply amazed at the XD/M 9's almost lack of recoil and it's accuracy. The sights are great and the gun was a dream to shoot. I know that I'm shooting .40 in a compact and the XD/m is 9mm and full size, but having shot my fair share of G17 ammo my "perception" from memory is that the Springfield kicks half as much. This gun at least (with factory standard target grade barrel) simply knocked my socks off.
  2. NVBeav

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    I've had my XDM (in .40S&W) about a month. My wife and I have only taken it to the range one time -- the groups are pretty tight -- however, it's hard for me to gauge the recoil (although my wife didn't complain about it and she's tiny).

    The guy at the gunstore told me that the XD and XDm fit your hand like a 1911 and something about a good natural point of aim... The main reason I bought one is that some people (that I think very highly of) have moved off the 1911 to the XD/XDm.
  3. kckndrgn

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    My wife has the XDM 9 (as well as an XD 9mm SubCompact) and loves it (well both of them actually).

    Having a 19 round mag is nice as well. I shoot OK with the XD's but I shoot better with the GLOCK.
  4. E.L.

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    I used to carry 1911's but now I carry XDs. I really like them. Springfield has done it's own torture test and I have found that my XDs to be more reliable than the Glock's I have owned. My G26 was solid, but my G32 had a few problems. The XD's have been great out of the box, I shoot them a lot better than I ever did my Glocks. Thats just my personal experience with them.
  5. gadinort

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    I'm very happy with my XD-45 and would highly recommend them.
  6. semtex

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    I have a 5" XD and I like it.

    That is really good news about the XDm, held one at a rip-off local pawn shop and it felt really nice.

    I hope they make a .45 version, but until then I may reconsider the XDm in 9.
  7. magnus392

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    Yep, yep, and who turned you on to the XD? :D
  8. E.L.

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    Actually Mags, I shot one once before when it was the HS2000 before I shot yours, but yes you had the .45 and it did sway me. I really liked it. Soooo, you ready to sell it yet? Or that nice little 1911 Champion?
  9. magnus392

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    You know better than that! I finally got a full size 1911 a Llama, lol.
  10. andy

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    well I got my XDM last weekend plan on taking it to the range this weekend. I can't wait...
  11. andy

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    so here it is...

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  12. E.L.

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    Nice, I like the two tone.
  13. NVBeav

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    Hey Andy,

    We need an update on your visit to the range :^)

    One item I need to get for my XDM is a left-handed holster of some sort. They make one for the XD, but it doesn't appear to be available yet for the XDM...
  14. KrAzYeYeZ

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    I just recently purchased a Springfield XD 40, and was wondering if anyone had any input on extended magazines? So far I've only found a sixteen rd mag, but the website has it listed for a "Springfield XDM .40"

    It seems like they should be compatible, but I wanted to make sure before I make the purchase. Any input on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I just wanted to add that this gun has little to no recoil, and has an excellent feel to it. I compared it to my buddy's Glock 40, which is also very nice. However at 20 yds, I found the grouping to be a bit tighter with the Springfield.
  15. fmhuff

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    XD and XD/m magazines are not the same width (at least the 9mm). Competitive natures aside, we have to realize there are a lot of nice weapon systems out there that are extremely well made. They have been designed to meet specific goals. We will all have prejudice and bias for or against what we or others own. You can spend $3,000 on a 1911 Uber pistol and I would find it just as appealing for it's intended purpose as you would. You could also spend $500 on a Glock or Springfield and I would be just as pleased. It's (mostly) all good and everything has a niche. Quality in this case means it hits its established goals.

    Oh yeah, we all need professional training to use what we have to get the most out of it. The only reason to own a defensive handgun is to be able to put up a good defense if needed. Under stress 99% of us won't think, we will follow our training, (if we have any).
  16. andy

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    well i went to the range this weekend and i could not be happier... i will addmit that my groups we a little bit low and to the left, but i believe this is more my fault then anything else. there is very little recoil. i did however settle for a 9mm. i also purchased a year's memebership to the range where i bought it. i can always use(need) the practice...
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