Spruce (x-mas) tree tea

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    Many people do not no that the common spruce (x-mas) tree's needles has as much vitamin c as a lime. Some people make a tea from the needles, toss in a cinnamon stick and sugar, yum. It can help with the cold. What can you add to this thread.
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    Spruce trees have many uses. Spruce

    You need to know what spruce trees you have in you area. It is a useful to have a book or chart
    conifers-4. tree sap.
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    Many people in modern times live right on the thin edge of scurvy because they eat processed foods that are low (low, low, low!) in Vitamin C.

    The effect, over time, is insidious.

    Your body loses efficiency with inadequate Vitamin C. Illness comes easier, hits harder, and stays longer. You age more quickly. And you feel generally bad.

    Take a minimum of a gram a day for three months, and see the difference it makes.

    People get so used to low-grade background pain that when it goes away it's a sweet miracle they didn't know they needed.
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    Pine works as well as Spruce and doesn't smell like cat pee...just sayin'

    I grow Christmas trees and won't grow Spruce because of the smell.
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    Actually, pine needles are what I use because there are not alot of spruse trees here in louisiana, but articles on the subject use spruse as the example. Thanks for adding to the thread.
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