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    Throw away rulers, tape measures, sticks and string to work out square foot gardening distance measuring.....make a few different board dibbers to do that tedious stuff for you. In the upside...stencil which plants the dibber is for....a handle or two on the up-side to make positioning easier.

    For pots and barrels or gardens with a regular irregular edge...make round dibbers or dibbers of the appropriate shape.

    staining or painting the dibber boards will probably extend their service life. Colour code the dibber boards for ease of selection. drill holes in one or two corners for hanging storage. Foot Gardening PP 031610.pdf

    Via:The Pitty Pat Pages: DIY Planting Board
    SFG Planting cheat sheets Via:Printable square foot gardening cheat sheets

    For more info on SFG........How (and why) to plant a square foot garden
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    Square foot gardening, without the epic combover...
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    Some time and effort spent in preparing the tools, saves quite a bit of time, frustration and heartache with rulers, sticks and string. OCD without tears....;)
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    Now I know what I've been saving all those corks for.
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    Just be aware that some seeds don't need to be planted so deeply. The corks are positioned as a guide to where to sow/place the seeds/seedlings at the appropriate distance apart. Always sow seed at the appropriate depth for the particular plant being seeded, else germination may be inconsistent or may not take place at all. The smaller the seed....usually the shallower the depth of sowing.
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    A screw driver is faster because you still have to 0an the individual seeds. just my opinion
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