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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Hanzo, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Years ago, a sushi chef taught me how he prepares salmon. Ever since then, I always prep my salmon that way. I find it usually comes out better than if I don't. So I thought I would share.

    First, no matter how I plan to prepare the salmon, I salt cure it. This is for salmon only. I find the flesh is firmer and tastier as well as less fishy.

    I pack a whole load of salt on both sides of the fish filet and let it sit at room temperature.


    This is after 45 minutes. You can see the liquid being drawn out. I'll let it sit for about another 45.

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    Don't quit now --
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    Has it been 45 minutes yet? :D
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    Next, wash it off really well. And pat it dry.


    At this point, you can prepare as you see fit. For sushi or other Japanese style dishes, I give a quick vinegar shower and pat dry.


    At this point, I break the fish down to how I plan to prepare it and give it a quick freeze. Not to get it frozen, but to kill any bacteria from leaving it out. The vinegar helps with that too and starts to lightly cook the outer layer, like a ceviche.
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    My menu for tonight is poke, marinated raw fish; negisake, chopped up raw fish (sake = salmon) with green onions; and salmon tataki (seared outside, raw inside) with a lemon butter shoyu sauce.

    Getting stuff ready for poke and negisake.


    Poke. The chili peppers will be on the side for the adults.




    Salmon tataki



    The sauce is on the stove. The rice is cooking. Will make sushi rice when it's done and put a little seaweed on it.

    Can't wait to eat!
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    Don't worry, @ghrit. I didn't.
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    Yes, @Dunerunner. But I was a little busy to post until now.
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    Okay, that looks mighty tasty and now I have to get some salmon in hand this week to cook up and devour!!!!
    Have you done Cedar plank salmon.... it is mighty tasty as well. We do it on the charcoal grill with some Mesquite chunks for taste. A little butter, seasonings to taste and heat goodness will bring a nice meal in short order. We prefer sockeye salmon for our choice cut..... king or coho after that... the pink locally do not fit the bill as they don't cook or taste very well.
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    Yes, I have done the plank. And I also prefer kiawe, our local mesquite. I prefer wild versus farmed. I like Copper River salmon.
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    Excuse me while I eat...

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    Copper river salmon on the barbie is awesome.... and them Omega-3 oils are delicious indeed....;)
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    We will never buy farmed..... never!!!!!
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    Oh yeah! Salmon is amazing! I also prefer mine barbequed on a cedar plank, smoked nicely and juicy hot.

    My current snack, however is quite tasty although not as divine..

    DSC00010.JPG DSC00011.JPG
    Sardines in hot sauce, ooh baby!
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    Sardines are good stuff too.
  15. Hanzo

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    Hey guys, before you walk the plank next time, try salt curing first and tell me what you think.
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    Will do. I am picky when it comes to raw fish, but I used to love sushimi. I do know a simple way to prepare salmon without cooking by heat is to soak in lemon juice, but I didn't fancy the flavor. I suppose in a survival situation that would do the trick though.
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    ohh it is on my list now... thanks for that instruction on how to do it properly!!!
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    Ceviche is not my favorite either.
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    Now, salmon jerky? WHOA!
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    I like my fish cooked... but the Mrs likes sushi....
    It is a give and take I suppose... though I rarely try, I will from time to time just to see if my taste have
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