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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Motomom34, Apr 23, 2019.

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    The other day I was reading comments from a gentleman who lives in California. I know how you all feel about Cali so no need to say it. But this gentleman was talking about the laws, gun control, policy over reach, the illegals in his state. Now I know most here would say get out of there. Leave now!!! But isn’t leaving, a form of deserting and letting the opposition win? If patriots keep pulling back, relocating because certain politics has taken over their state; what message is that sending?

    Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, New Hampshire on and on, states are shifting. After reading that gentleman in California stating he was standing his ground, I admire him. He lives in California, his family, friends and job are all there. He refused to leave the life he loves because of policies. In a way he is on the front-lines of the battle. His line is drawn, he is right there stating I will continue to fight for this state and his home. He will always be that voice saying no.

    No place is 100% free of liberal policies. Every state has their issues but instead of relocating looking for a place that thinks exactly like you do, why not stand your ground? I do think having patriots in every area, basically boots on the ground is wiser then everyone getting crowded into one area.
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  2. OldDude49

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    lady has a point...
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    He can "Stand His Ground" right up to, including the local Police arresting Him on some Trumped Up Charge, and throwing His A$$ in the GrayBar Hotel.... If he has a Rifle Magazine that holds more than 10 Rounds, or a Semi-Auto FireArm, or some other recently passed Statute that certainly Violates his Constitutional Rights... then he can go Broke, paying his LawDawg to get him cleared in a Liberal Court and a Jury made up of SnowFlakes... Good luck with that Plan... Commiefornia is analogous to Germany after the fall of the Weirmarck Republic... Those that could see the "HandWriting on the Wall" got out, and those that stayed were subject to the Nazi's and their forms of "Justice"... many ended up in the Gas Chambers... and History certainly has repeated itself many times...
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  4. Oddcaliber

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    Got to admire him on his stance but even the military knows when to retreat!
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  5. Salted Weapon

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    On another website in the Northwest many are uprooting and leaving Oregon and Washington, they wont stand and fight they run to protect their own interests. My opinion of course. Even Texas is being hit, and many others slowly, soon there will be none if everybody runs.
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  6. OldDude49

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    problem SEEMS to be the elected state gov... have been thinking lately states maybe need something like the electoral college?

    right now Nevada is being run by 2 counties... and the way too many leftist voters that ran away from kali...

    that now reside there...

    and now seem to want to bring their shit politics to so many other states... and they often congregate in large area communities...


    although here is another thought... is there some kinda voting chicanery fraud crap going on?
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    Re Electoral College at the state level - NY State has the same issue: the five counties that make up NYC, along with Albany and Erie counties wag the other 55 Red counties. One of the primary reasons I left lo these many years ago. Those of us in the Upstate regions were fully aware of this nasty phenomena, and despised the urban jungles because of it.
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  8. Ura-Ki

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    That's just it. the Wet Coast states are all being run by just a few counties! Hell, look at Oregon, only 3 counties run the entire state, the rest of the state has ZERO say in matters put before them! Hell yes, bring the electoral collage to the states, break the counties strangle hold on the states!

    To the O.P. Yup, I did it, I ran as fast as I could from OryGun when I retired, couldn't wait to get out! Look at Colorado, my chosen state, yup, right out of the frying pan, into the fire! Irony here, I'm back in OryGun and I'm fightin mad! Going to be a fun ride, No Retreat, no Quarter, going to be epic when the PTB finally figure out they have no power over the people when the people finally figure out it is them that has the power, AND the Guns!
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  9. Motomom34

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    Running for your self-interests is a good way of putting it. I keep wondering if everyone keeps retreating to certain states, then what? Patriots all living in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana? I have seen those states pass some bone-head laws. Or to where? Tornado alley seems to be very conservative but not a lot of jobs or trees. No place is really safe. Staying in place, being the lone voice, connecting to others and gaining a movement in place, may not be a bad idea. I have listened to a podcast out of Washington state, Radio Free Redoubt will read off issues and direct one where to go and what issues need to have a push aback on. They ask listeners to attend local meetings and create a presence.

    Locally we have some sheriffs stating that the Colorado Red Flag law is something they will not enforce. Those sheriffs need to hear from locals saying they agree with the sheriff and thanking them for backing the Second Amendment. If Colorado patriots all desert the state because of the politicians/laws then what are those sheriffs defending the constitution for?
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  10. Ura-Ki

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    I'm betting about 2/3 of those who say they are leaving are all bluster! Ether you have nothing to begin with and can run just as soon as you fill the tank, or like me, you have a sizable investment and need to wait to sell it off to be able to afford to leave! Still, running isnt going to stop the madness, its all consuming!
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  11. Motomom34

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    But is where you retreated to still the place you moved to? Are you ready for another move or going to draw the line and say this is my home and I will fight for it? The cities seem to be running many states. The colleges are a huge voting factor. I am beginning to think that people should not be allowed to vote until they are 28 and have worked and paid taxes for a few years. Living in the real world often changes ones perspective.

    Oregon has opportunity, jobs and some lovely areas. In looking for my forever home, Oregon has popped onto my radar but usually I dismiss it because of the politics. After reading the posts by the gentleman mentioned in the OP, I have been thinking differently. I know there are a lot of patriots in Oregon & Washington because of this site and the other one. I asked myself yesterday why not stand my ground there. I don't want to live in Oklahoma because it is a red state. No offense to Okies but I need trees and mountains.
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  12. Ura-Ki

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    You could do worse! I actually love Oregon, the weather sukz half the time, but then you have the other half of the year and it's flat out awesome! the Fishing and hunting are awesome, the flying is awesome, and there is some Beautiful country up here! Once you get away from Portland, Salem and Eugene, you will find, it's actually kind of Old School Americana, and very conservative!
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  13. Motomom34

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    And that is the same with Colorado. The good decent folks are in the outlying areas but also some patriots in the city areas. I have been questioning people in the East and West. I zeroed in on a Southern state and questioned some monkeys regarding their state. There was good & bad.

    I recall hearing a podcast out of Arizona. The guy was talking about California conservatives that were moving in. He said that a California conservative was like an Arizona liberal. That was interesting. Seems those CA relocates were more relaxed on certain issues, probably because they were used to more extremes.
  14. BenP

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    I think standing your ground is a noble cause. However, long-term, there is strength in numbers and it might be best to join forces with like minded people in constitution friendly states. Come to Kentucky, we would love to have you!
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  15. ghrit

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    Long ago in wayback times, we had a somewhat similar discussion, not by any means exactly, but a lot of woe and damnation heaped upon "certain" states for policies that approached illegal, much the same way we see things today. I said then, I had nothing to lose, molon labe, and I'd gladly take a place in the concentration camps before I'd haul ass for better places that would surely fall on hard times as well. Since then, I've live in three more locations, two of them WAY better from a liberty standpoint than the one I was in originally. I'm older, but not a lick wiser, and I still have nothing to lose. I'll take my place at the barricades while the less dedicated or folks with more to lose get outa Dodge.
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  16. Gator 45/70

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    Will the last person leaving California please turn off the lights!
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  17. Salted Weapon

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    Maybe a little bit of clarification on this topic, I'll share a little bit history briefly for you.

    California, was nowhere near what it is today just 50 years ago. I know this particularly because I was born and raised there. In the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time it was still the Orchard capital that it was known for. People that came to that state were leaving other states that were not able to Prosper the Way, California was. People uprooted mostly from the East Coast and some of the southern states to get jobs and better weather. Places like Oregon and Washington tell Californians to go home. Book 50 years ago we were telling everybody else to get the hell out of our stay in California. People were coming from all over and ruining that state. It is important that we understand the dynamics of how things work. People are indeed leaving Oregon and Washington I know this for a fact because I've talked to many people, and company owners that had to uproot and move thousands of people into other states simply because they're now overtaxed and overregulated to stay here.. So it is indeed happening. The reason why you and I do not notice it as much is because people are coming from other states and replacing the homes and jobs that were once here.

    There are very few states that are not affected in this way, however water front states tend to be affected the most. Because imports and growth had the ability exponentially over states with no water borders. I spent a lot of time researching gun rights in Oregon, and the common denominator was a huge majority of people that were pro-gun in the 1960s, are now reaching their mid-and late 80s. As this dynamic continues to change, the bull nosed hardcharging gun rights activist is disappearing. Those were the people that would stand and fight. These are the people that stayed in California, and have stayed in Oregon and Washington and will not be pushed out. See mask whose is leaving? The blue-collar worker. They are underpaid, and overtaxed and underinsured in Oregon and Washington as well as California and they are moving to other states will help support them. This is seen in all areas of law enforcement, firefighting, and other blue-collar jobs are leaving these areas simply because they are not supported here. As I said I've talked with people that belong to a North West gun ownership website here. And I know many people that are older than her staying. But I know just as many who are easily uprooting and moving on to other jobs. If you are under 50 you have that ability most likely to continue your career in another state. By failing to stay here however you are allowing those who have fought for rights to dwindle down in numbers. Imagine overnight, right now if people were migrating from Texas to Oregon and helped us fight for our rights? Things would change your slowly but we would get our state back. But people are not willing to risk their jobs, and their well-being simply to help other people in other states

    .This is the same dynamics that happens when SHTF happens, only a few people stand and take up the fight to protect their neighbors and their property. The rest often comply. There was one of the largest gun rallies in Oregon here about a month ago it was quite impressive. But it changed absolutely nothing. When that is the force behind things we know that we are losing footing.

    So in closing this is what other states are facing, it's nothing new, states have continued to migrate where they can succeed in instituting their way of life. California once was the frontier of the nation, now it's the toilet of the nation. All by the wrong people migrating and changing what was successful about California.
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  18. HK_User

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    I made the choice to leave in 1970, before the real slime arrived.
    Had a great job offer, good friends, a Bike Shop already sponsored my Racing, BUT, things did not feel right.
    Gotta say most I knew had a different level of morals, too much swapping, one guy wanted me to "Take Over" his family new baby and all. I guess I had Sucker and a Target on my back.

    Loaded up two race Bikes, hooked the 750 Honda to the hitch and headed back home. Mil time was up and time to return to folks I understood.

    If it's time to go then drop your luggage and run.
  19. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    hmm was born in kali and grew up in the bay area... Richmond kali to be exact...
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  20. BlueDuck

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    He is playing in a rigged game. There are way better places to be.
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