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  1. whynot

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    It is really a 24 oz pot with some plastic cups, not a cook set.

    But, it is small and light enough to fit in a BO or get home bag. It is about the size of a standard nalgen bottle, stainless steel construction with a lid that could be used as a strainer. About $15 at Wal-Mart. The cups are nothing to get excited about but were the right size for my kids to drink from and are double walled so they won't get hot. Plastic tab on the pot lid will need to be replaced with a split ring (for keys) if you want to use it in a fire but no big deal.

    Overall well worth the money and I plan on buying one for everyone's bag. Perfect for boiling some water for a hot drink or instant soup yet small enough to carry.

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    Update. Used this two more times sine the initial post and it is holding up well. It's size becomes a disadvantage with more than two people but if it was much larger it would not be as nice to carry. I will buy at least one more for the wife's kit.

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    I've seen that pot. I wonder how many see the Stanley as a 'better' bit of kit rather than a USGI canteen cup? The canteen cup will hold 750ml of fluid, fits around a canteen and is made from from heavy stainless steel. A stove is available that fits over it as well. A nice heavy lid is available, but often costs more than the canteen cup itself.

    The Stanley is lighter weight, and allows you use the cups while, perhaps, the pot boils more water/soup/etc. I guess the material thickness is something I didn't care for as were the smaller cups. As a brew kit for a day bag, it would be hard to beat for weight and compact size.

    I guess that's to cool part about living here, everyone gets to choose for themselves.

    Thanks for the follow up post.
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    Many years ago I bought several sets of WW2 surplus canteens,cups, and field mess kits with utensils. All were stainless steel and have lasted through boys in scouts,years of camping, and still are used and in the BOBs. have had to replace a few pouches but the gear will outlast me I think. Bet I don,t have fifty bucks in them altogether.
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    Still use the GI mess kit/canteen cup for camping/short hikes. They have held up for nearly 40 years of camping/scouts/hiking. When long distance hiking it gets left at home and my old tin can comes out. I never wash it as it only heats water for everything. Made a small hanger and slip it into a plastic bag to keep smut off the pack. My drinking cup is an old camping brown plastic light weight thing.
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