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    Thoughts from Frank and Fern has a post today called stark reality that explains what is going on better than ever could and should be read. Maybe someone will read it and see if they think it is worth a link as I don't know how to do that.
    My old computer died and I am using one I bought a few years back with Windows 8 on it and put up on a shelf. Don't know how it works and am having trouble making it work. May just wipe it and go to Linux. Fall is here and facing the real life is biting. Got a barn up on jacks putting a new floor and foundation in, getting fire wood ready, closing down the greenhouse and gardening for the winter, tightening up the house for winter, checking out the snowplow truck, and checking supplies, getting up and going to work. Every thing seems to take so long to do when you are 77. The Lord has blessed us as the wife and I are still trying to fight the good fight and are trying to keep up the good life, tinfoil hats and all.
    Reading the board and loving it, just have little time left in a day to post and my typing is very slow.

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    At 77 sir, you and your wife are truly an inspiration to us all.
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    The problem is, this is a shared reality and experience. When other people or life in general get me down, I try to refocus and find a positive method to concentrate on. Far too many people only want to discuss politics, movies, entertainment, people, and daily occurrences. Their lives are too filled with the mimetic culture of their peers to seek out philosophy, history and science, or the beauty of nature and the inner self. I suppose many are busy making a living and providing for their families, too.

    It is noble and honorable to work hard to maintain your life's work.
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