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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by franks71vw, Feb 12, 2013.

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    So did anyone do the live voting.... Interesting to see the second he mentioned Guns and taking a vote on issues all the lines representing male female democrate indy and republicans all crashed like the stock market...
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    Why do people watch that irritation? Blah, blah, blah... bunch of lies and a$$ kissing as they all applaud the phoney. But I will be looking for highlights.
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    I hope someone posts the high lights, I couldn't stomach watching it.
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    Ah the state of the Union, tis the place to see and be seen. And you had better be clapping when the sign comes on or it's to the gulags with you. Ve haft kamaras vatchin du alles !!

    It's more fake than the Oscars.
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    Join me in Prayer...Psalm 109:8
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    Posted a thread over at reloadersbench about who was going to "fess up" about watching the lying chicago BS master---but then I repeat myself. Plugged in a movie. What little I did see during the intro/FBI warnings was the same old hope change lying BS as before with well choreographed applause. If you ever get a chance watch some of Hitler's speeches. He did not say much but had mass numbers on hand to wildly applaud. His promises cost them a nation and millions of lives--wonder what bo bo's promises will end up costing us. Oh yes, 26 trillion--I forgot--such a trifling amount.
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    Still waiting for an outline of the SOTU speech. I only want realistic reports. I guess the LA Times summed it up nicely:
    So get ready America, Obama has a plan and you have no say.

    LA Times take if you want to read: Obama calls for 'smarter' government in State of the Union -
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    The deficit is one thing, the total owed (on bonds and other instruments) is the sum of the deficits. Zero happens to have the largest deficit in recent years, but the debt is from him and all previous administrations plus the interest that goes with it. It ain't enough to eliminate the deficit (i.e., balanced budget today and every day, not over time) but there has to be a surplus that can be applied to the debt or it will continue to grow of it's own volition.

    Unfortunately, the bonds are funded by running the presses with the dilution of value that entails. Sad situation. Ford's 40B is NOT the same as Clinton's 40B in terms of value, Ford's is much greater if inflation is accounted for.
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    I think many would agree that Obama a true socialist who by all appearances is attempting to bankrupt this country and then save us by leading us into communism. He has no regard to our laws and is willing to use brute force to attain his agenda. Do any doubt that if he could get law enforcement and the military in his pocket he would use them to crush all dissent?

    I don't know if most of the MSM are active accomplices, truly ignorant, or truly stupid. I would guess that they are active participants. One thing is for certain, we as a nation will soon have our come-uppins if we don’t turn around and repent of a good may things.
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    Fasces columns on both sides allegedly represent Roman strength, but it's long been more akin to Mussolini's flavor of Fascism. In fact, we can find Fascist symbolism all over government disguised as Roman, which is arguably the intended concept.

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  13. fmhuff

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    The question is "What will we do about it"? Even inaction is action.
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