statue of annubis erected at denver int'l

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    Most are aware of the odd conspiracies related to the new denver airport. Well now they are erecting a statue of Annubis the egyptian god of death. weird

    DENVER - Ever since it was first installed at Denver International Airport, the 32-foot-tall blue "Mustang" has been the talk of the town, but a new addition is sure to get plenty of attention.

    <script language="JavaScript"> OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1</script><object classid="clsid<img src=" http:="""" forum="" images="" smilies="" grind.gif="" alt="" title="" smilieid="3" class="inlineimg" border="0"></object>A crew is installing a seven-ton, 26-foot-tall concrete sculpture of an Egyptian god at the airport.

    Anubis, a statue with a jackal-head, will be built south of the Jeppesen Terminal.
    Although part of the lore of the 9,000-pound "Mustang" is that its creator, Luis Jiménez, was tragically killed while making the piece, Anubis may be even more notorious. He's the Egyptian god of death and the afterlife.
    It's being put in to preview the Denver Art Museum's King Tut exhibit.
    The exhibit runs June 29 through Jan. 9, 2011, and Anubis will be standing guard during that time. | Denver | Colorado's Online News Leader | DIA's blue 'Mustang' has big competition
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    The Hollywood movies make it strange, but Anubis was considered the protector of souls and harbored them into the afterlife. The god was later replaced with Osiris, who took on many additional roles, but eventually even the cult of Osiris died out to be replaced with Christianity.

    The use of the statue Inpu (Anubis) represents the protection of those to be reborn in an afterlife -no fantasy if we consider the history of the Denver airport and their taste for TEOTWAWKI artwork, depicting the genocide to come and annihilation of all hope. If the secret caverns and reported underground city isn't enough to satiate the inquisitive mind, perhaps a little King Tut exhibition may be in order to set things straight.

    Additionally, there have been reports of ancient Egyptian mummies and city-like caverns in the Grand Canyon -which just throws a proverbial wrench in the history books.

    In any case, "Anubis" does not equal "evil", unless you are the type to believe Hollywood's perception of the world. The Elitists and occultists are laughing at you.
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    Capt.Reynolds Ya...NO WAIT!!!! least it isn't Brendan Fraser.
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