For Sale Steel prices plummet - Our steel-plate shelters now cost as much as 36% less!

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    Over the past several months, the price of steel on the global market has plummeted from recent highs.

    That's awesome news for anyone looking at the possibility of putting one our famous Safecastle steel-plate shelters in place at their home or place of business.

    Prices on our saferooms, storm shelters, and NBC fallout shelters are all significantly lower today than just last month, due to the steel prices and cost-cutting at our builder's facility. In fact, depending on the type and size of your shelter, you may be looking at price reductions of up to 36%!

    For even a small to medium-sized NBC shelter, this means savings of $4000!

    How long will these prices be in effect? Who knows? We are obviously very sensitive to the cost of steel in producing some of the best shelters out there.

    Our storm shelters are engineered to withstand winds in excess of 330mph and last 90 years. Compare those figures and our prices to the competition!

    Our builder and his team have been doing this for 20 years--building shelters to customer specs and installing them all over the U.S.

    I can say with confidence these shelters are built like a tank. As a customer first, 11 years ago, before I became a "shelter evangelist," I have yet to see a drop of moisture or a single insect in my shelter.

    Important to note: studies have shown that a well-built shelter adds at least 3.5% to the value of a home.

    $50,000 shelter financing available

    Quite simply, there's no better peace of mind.

    See: Safecastle Shelters - Survival Gear Outfitter For Emergency & Crisis Preparedness - Safecastle

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    This is good news thank you very much.
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    Steel-plated peace of mind. Best thing I ever did was get my own.
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