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    The NWO is running scared and could stage a False Flag terror attack because of Ron Paul's popularity and supporters. Glenn Beck calls us terrorists, then Liberty Dollar was raided and more.... Listen to the message below!

    Download the Q files from tonite; copy and forward to as many friends and family as you can. This is a final warning message from Steve Quayle and Alex Jones. All Americans need to know this information IMMEDIATELY! The Republic is in VERY SERIOUS TROUBLE. I believe the MP3 will be available
    on about 8PM, or shortly after.


    This alert is going out worldwide, before it ALL comes down !

  2. Minuteman

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    I just seen this tonight. Will download and give it a listen later.
    We know that RP's support is growing and that it is being noticed by TPTB. One aspect I hadn't really considered is what if it grows so strong that they percieve it as a threat?
    The chance that Ron Paul and We the People could actually take this government back is a threat to the globalists that they will have to squash at any cost.
    We discussed the possibility of a JFK type of operastion to remove Dr. Paul but I think that would be too simplistic for them and to dangerous. They don't want to create a martyr. Reminds me of the line by king Leonidas in the movie 300; " If they assasinate me, all of Greece would rise up, pray that they are that stupid".
    If anything happens to Dr. Paul I think it may well be the spark that could ignite this peaceful revolution of grass roots support into a sweeping grassfire of of real revolt.
    I hope that he takes his security seriously and that he has good trustworthy people around him.
  3. monkeyman

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    I know thats still my biggest concern with him is who he will have for a running mate. I seriously doubt he will survive his presidency, it couldnt be afforded by the power broakers and the pupet masters. So I figure he will be elimenated though likely if possile quietly so it looks natural or accidental or possibly in a false flag opp, but that we will wind up with his vice president in office. I hope he finds another like himself.

    I strongly suspect that this is the reason why the MSM is working so hard to downplay him. If they can prevent people from knowing HOW much support he has then TPTB can name someone else as the next president (as Stalin IIRC said basicly 'those who vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything and I count the votes') but if they let the truth show as to just how strong his support is then it becomes obvious and dangerous to do so.
  4. ozarkgoatman

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    Sadly I don't believe that they will allow him to be elected. If they did when he wouldn't play ball with the puppet masters they would remove him. His security better be good and trust worthy. Because I'm sure there would be lots of money offered up to look the other way.

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