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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by dragonfly, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I decided to start to look for an old Steven's, model 24 type over/under combo gun.
    I found a 'few' on the auction online...
    Not what I'd expected though!
    They are going from $999.00 to $1,299.00 today...and those are the USED that are available.
    My favorite the .22 magnum over a 3 inch chambered 20 gauge.
    I'd have settled for the .22lr-.410, even though I am no fan of the .410!
    ( I want MORE lead!)
    Locally, as far as I can find, no such critter is on anyone's shelf..
    Sad, but understandable.
    Today with all the newest (old) combo's, that have from: .223, .243, .270 and even up to .30-06....I'd have chosen the old standby, the .30-30 over a 12.
    Tell ya how old I am, my Stevens/Savage model 24 only cost $129.99 back in the "good ole' days"!
    Sux gettin' old!
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    Last time I checked, I could "special order" a .45-70 guide gun, or a .444 Marlin at Wallyworld's for around $600.
    Man, even the older C&R rifles are getting scarce today, and prices are outrageous!
    Not to mention buying ammo to feed them!
    I am not really into the 'single shot-multi-barrel' types, but ya gotta go with the flow, until you can find some relic out there being sold for a half decent price!
    Near as I can tell, most combo's are not cheap by any means, including those that are missing pieces, broken hammers, cracked or broken stocks....
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