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  1. Bud

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    Found this site while surfing for survival sites.

    I just started drawing my SSA (there still some money left!) so I have been around for a while. Did the VN thing and then came homer and became a cop. Retired early from that and went back on active duty with the Army at age 40 where I learned that PT was now really serious and it is entirely possible to throw up multiple times on the morning 5K formation run.

    Got badly hurt in a training accident in 1997 and medically retired two years later. Went to work for the Gov as a military history researcher and got tired of that and paid my military time into the fed employee retirement system and retired agai in 2007.

    My wife I travel around quite a bit, all over the country and western Canada, either by motorccyle (we did the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Pacific Coast Highway both in the same year) or while delivering trucks for a transportation company.

    Started thinking about the times ahead because of what I am seeing around the country. I really worried about the direction of the government, the war on terror, the potential for natural disaster and the infringements I see on the Constitution.

    I haven't carried a gun for more than 20 years but have now started doing so and thanks to the LEOSA of 2004 I can do that anywhere in the US. I use to have a lot of firearms and then sold them some years ago. I have started buying again and currently jhave a Smith M& P 15A, a Springfield Armory Loaded 1911 and a Glock 30. I normally carry the Glock 30 but on occassion, I'll grab the 1911.

    Next I am buying a 12 ga, a Ruger 10/22 and bull barrel .22 pistol like the Ruger Marks and after that I will start buying lots of 22 (also good for barter) 12 ga .45 and .223 ammo.

    We have alreadt started buying food like rice, beans and pasta. I live in a very rural town in norther Illinois intentionally. I have always felt that if something bad happens, a town would be easier to defend than a single homestead. I have already installed natural gas fireplaces in the LR and DR in the house, have added a 5500W generator to the house wiring and thinking of buying something like a Kawasaki Mule with a diesel engine.

    Long post, sorry for the bandwidth
  2. ghrit

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    Welcome, Bud. There are a few of us oriented in your direction, maybe we can learn from each other. Pull up a stump and check the m/c threads as well as the rest. In the meantime, be careful. (Ahhh-- Belay that. Have fun instead.)
  3. Tracy

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    Welcome to the Board.
  4. CRC

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    Welcome, Bud! :)
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