Stimulus package...real results near you?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by brotherpoop, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. brotherpoop

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    I went online to find the nearest jobs created and found two jobs created from $27,000.00 given to the Inver Hills Community College which I got an AA from in 1980.

    They referred to the positions as "work study" a term I stat recognized since I had a "work study" job on campus working in the Veterans Affairs office. It was federal minimum wage part time position which I think was renewed quarterly.

    It's possible there are two positions created to oversee the "work study" program but I suspect the 27K probably gave about 5000 hours of part time work to students needing a job and they simply are taking credit for two not entirely true but whatever, maybe it gave some vets and others going to school some extra coin in the pocket.

    Having worked two years in the Veterans office on campus actually added to my resume and helped me land a job with the State of MN Dept of Veterans Affairs which led to me becoming a State of MN Veterans Representative (of all the jobs I have had the most can't do enough for the United States Veteran)

    But...getting back to the stimulas I don't have a big issue with them claiming it created two positions although, like I say they probably are part time temporary.

    The second stimulas project is a freeway I travel to work on every night. They installed some cable fencing between the two freeways to apparently stop somebody from shooting over into the other lanes of traffic. That was a big project employing a lot of guys a couple of months. I also think it was a waste of money.

    To my knowledge no one had ever shot across the lanes into oncoming traffic the 30 years I've been traveling it. Lots of people have gone into the ditch this winter and destroyed sections of the new fencing and I suspect the State has been soaking them big money to repair what they damaged. I see a 10 man crew out there every week now repairing the fence from dopes who can't drive on ice and snow.

    Anyway...what projects have you guys/gals seen?
  2. ghrit

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    I think there may have been some stimulus bux used to help maintain I-81 around here. Lord knows it needs it. Anyway, a couple sign painters got heavy bux for the signage saying that is one of the things they spent stim cash on. Other than that, nada inside a day's drive. The best stimulus to the economy up here is gas drilling, all corporate funding, no fed money involved.
  3. dragonfly

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    I looked into the State of Arizona, and had a good laugh....well, maybe not a laugh!
    I did note that there were funds sent to District 15, which is beyond anyone in the entire we only have 12 districts!
    I saw alot of PHONY and maybe some "graft/Entitlements" paid to people that were odd....."John Blood" for instance! Another, a "chip seal company" that is as corrupt as...well you get the idea!
  4. melbo

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    I've not seen anything but the normal and endless road construction in Washington/Oregon.
  5. melbo

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    BTW Brotherpoop, I've been wanting to ask you for almost 4 years now... What the hell is your avatar???
  6. SLugomist

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    Holy smokes. There's gold in them thare pages. Wonder how much $ is left.
  7. SLugomist

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  8. Seawolf1090

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    A LOT of useless pork, little that translates to 'helping the people'.....

    So, same old BS....... :rolleyes:
  9. SLugomist

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    It looks more in the line of help for entrepenuers who will then need avg joe to work, so he hires etc. etc.

    got to learn to write grants
  10. Tracy

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    Grant writing isn't hard. It's just like follow the dots. :)
  11. SLugomist

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    Maybe I mean more of having the time and patience to deal with gov beauracracy.
  12. Sherman

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    looks like the city got $606,000, 0 jobs created.
    What I saw was some paving, they ripped out all the crosswalk aprons and installed new ones with yellow rubber pad inserts.
  13. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Retired Curmudgeonly IT Monkey Founding Member

    Some county road construction still going on, but the commercial building boom pretty much has ended. Banks are finally beginning to lend to homebuyers again, but otherwise I see no real help getting to The People.
    Our State Government is talking more cuts this next fiscal year in July - we are already cut to the bone. We are at skeleton level on our IT teams, and having to provide our own office supplies. I am Property Custodian for my Division and have an important printer that I cannot get serviced - NO funds for it! If the second one goes, we will have major trouble getting clean copies of paperwork to our customers - that would be very bad......
    If DOE has to cut services to students, their parents will be very displeased.......


    I also see a LOT of small businesses going under. Motorcycle dealers are running at near disaster level. Folks aren't buying 'luxuries'.
    Several gas stations have their pumps bagged - NO gas. Some are trying to survive on store sales - but without gas to lure the 'convenience buyers' in, their sales are falling.

    bobo's ideas aren't working at the personal level. The ONLY thing stimulated is Big Federal Government. I'm sure Madame Speaker Pelosi gets a tingle in her leg.......
  14. dukenukum

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    Not one real result.
  15. Brokor

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    I have seen two really small and quick patch jobs done on the roads in my immediate area, but nothing substantial. We have deep ruts in the road everywhere and potholes to boot. I have seen numerous businesses close, a few buildings burn down, but nothing new spring up recently. I think that road work is mainly seasonal.
  16. ghrit

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    If your county is like mine, that is county maintenance funds, and done by county or township employees. Around here, we are supposed to think the interstates have some federal stimulus funding. I wonder --- [dunno]
  17. Brokor

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    Yeah I don't even pretend to understand this Commonwealth anymore.

    Do you know that I have been trying to get a replacement title for my car for about 3 months now? In Harrisburg, they keep making up rules as to why they won't help me. In the clearly outlined "law", I have met each and every criteria, and have even provided USAREUR documentation to include (which they don't understand that it is the United States Army, Europe) as support. They treat me like I am some kind of criminal who smuggled in an American-Spec car which was shipped by the US Government.

    In Florida, I would have a new title within a couple of days, a week at most due to mailing.

    We have WAY too many people working for the state government. Most are lazy, uneducated, and just plain stupid. The few who can help...are like ninjas. Nobody knows where they are.

    I have the bill of sale (signed, VIN legible, notarized)
    I have the shipping documents (all of them to include the Customs declaration)
    I have valid insurance in US and previous insurance from Europe
    I have the USAREUR registration
    I have the previous owners transfer of registration to myself

    Harrisburg last requested that I provide either the MSO (manufacturers statement of origin) or the original title as proof to acquire a new title from them! *and no proof in law that such is required*

    How much sense does it make to give them the title of my car in order to receive a new title for my car?

    How much sense does it make to provide an MSO, which nobody owns unless they are the original purchaser of the new vehicle, which they paid for in cash and requested from the dealer?


    All MSO's are sent off to the "state" to be scanned and destroyed, and while you pay off 'your' new car, a certificate of title is sent to you. The operator functions as a mere user with the privilege to drive and be licensed to use the car which is owned by the state (they assume ownership until the bank is paid off, then continue ownership unless default occurs.)

    These people are driving me nuts!
  18. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Welcome to Ed Rendell's fiefdom.
  19. Sherman

    Sherman Dog Eat Dog

    I watched Anderson cooper 360 tonite, the Napa wine train made 11th on Mcains wasteful spending list. of course CNN defended it and tried to make the accusation seem stupid. 53 million creating 200 jobs for 3 yrs....
  20. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Not one new manufactoring plant or steel mill or job has been created. In order to have jobs they could of used our money to do that.
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