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    I was wondering how you would control odors in a portable plastic bag potty? We picked up a portable toilet at a yard sale, the kind that looks like a chair with a pail underneath. We figured we'd place a plastic bag inside the pail to make cleanup easier. Rather than changing the bag after every use we want to spray something in it to control odors. In our area we use lift stations to pump the sewage uphill to the treatment plant. If we loose power from an EMP we're out of luck using our inside toilet. I know I could use lime but thats pretty hash and will be in close contact to skin of the next user. Do you thinkg Febreze would work for this? Thanks
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    dig a deep hole and skip the pail ..........yikes
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    That would be nice, however our only water supply is from ground water wells and I'm afraid every one will dig a hole and that will ruin the water supply or at least make it dangerous to use. We're going to dig a hole and line it with plastic and put the spent plastic bags in that hole until another way of disposal come up, like slinging it over the fence.
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    RV dealers/suppliers sell a liquid chemical to use in campers and RV's,might want to check it out.
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    I agree with larry. I would be very careful with any chems. The febreze would probally smell like somone shart a rose bush or flower bed.(lol) You knw if you could find a container like you would for a weed sprayer with a twist on lid it that would fit under the chair kind of like a be like a small septic tank you could empty. just a thought.
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    Medical supply companies also sell a liquid/powder. Additionaly, you can check at places like Walgreens or CVS. Those "pail potties" are intended for in home use. There will always be a bit of odor. My grandfather had one (he was very ill at the end of his life) and we had to empty it every day or two.
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    Ill tell you somthing that could work a layer of cat litter then after use a thin layer over the top.
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    Get awful heavy awful fast...
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    find a nice place thats over 50 fet fro your water supply
    dig a hole there and fit the top with a 55 gal drum with both ends removed
    use clay around the barrel to seal it and make a nice cover out of wood
    after you dump your waste in the hole sprinkle calcium carbonate lime over it
    most old outhouses had a can of lime just for doing this
    then put the lid back down
    if you seriously cant dig a hole (how will you ever build a sewer?)
    use the lime in your bags
    be careful tossing these bags in the garbage, the garbage man could well
    come after you for doing so
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    I don't remember the name of the product, but there is a deodorant for the porta-potties used on sailboats and motorboats. We used to buy it at the local West Marine store when we had a sailboat. It came in a foil lined brown paper packet. All you had to do was tear it open and pour it in the potty before you used it for the weekend.
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    Are you thinking of Liquid Gold? I think that is the name of it??? We had a plumbing emergency a year or so ago (and what a time that was, oh Lordy!) and used a Porta-Potty for a while. I am pretty sure it was Liquid Gold that we put in the under-the-seat reservoir. Didn't have a problem with disposal because we just emptied it into the outside septic tank, while the drains were being repaired. To be honest, I would have preferred to have a plain old-fashioned matter what you do to prevent it, the "chemical closets" are stinky to say the least, Liquid Gold or no Liquid Gold.
  12. Seacowboys

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    My Golden retriever rolled in some really stinky stuff the other day and Bug dusted her in Baby powder, now she smells like a turd dipped in baby powder.
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  13. beast

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    btw, after your hole is filled almost to the top
    pull the barrel out, top the hole with good topsoil
    and plant a tree, it will grow real
    roses do so too :)
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    The only porta potty I've found that wasnt messy,discusting to deal with,and stink to high heaven,I made out of an orange Gott water keg with the screw on lid.
    I'd dbl line it with 8gal trash bags,and use the powder packets.
    The packets can be found in the RV section at most WalMart stores.I use the stuff called"OxyChem".You get 12 packets in a plastic container for under $8.
    If you dont want to use the standard chem treatment,a half cup of cooking oil will prevent the urine from outgassing.I learned this from using oil jugs as portable facilities in the truck.
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    My first thought was also "Use Febreze" ;)
    I also think there might exist some special products for the portable toilets which you could use in this case, but maybe they are very chemical and not really healthy or eco-friendly? ;) You could also try out the tip with the baby powder, this is cheap at least and easy to handle.
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    I'm not too sure what you mean by "ground water wells." Same as a lot of people, I have a well and a septic system. The earth is an excellent filter. ;)
  18. beast

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    look up "thunder mugs"
    they did
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