Stonage-dieting so far

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    I've been on this idea of a diet I had rolling around in my head for a while, iI don't know were I got it and I've been on it for a couple of months and it's working out great so far and does marvels for a low self esteem says a co-worker who is also trying this out with me.

    I only eat what a caveman could have gotten his hands on and try and mimic the work he had to do to get the food.

    Excluding the chance of not getting to eat or getting eaten though.

    A stoneage man could not store foods so he had to get most things fresh. To get meat he had to run, to fish he had to wait, to eat berries and fruits he had to walk. Some foods like nuts he might carry with him as he could store them.

    So if I want a steak I run 10 km and I put it on the grill and if I the next day just wanna chill around the house and take a long walk with the dogs I just eat fresh vegetables.

    Since I started out in january I did cheat for the first months and ate imported fruits, but now when its all springy outside would be ideal to mimic the food cykles a stoneage man.

    I dont know how much I weigh since I dont have a scale. But I lost 4" in waist size on my levis if that means something. I feel ALOT better though, wake up with a smile and I enjoy the days. Things are so much more awesome now. I am amazed by things I never really realized before. Seeing the beauty of things.
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    Sounds like the Primal diet people are doing on here but a step further. You run about 6 miles to get dinner?
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    Localvore Paleo

    If I ate only what grew locally I'd be limited to grapes and peaches for fruit, pecans for nuts, and corn and wheat. Unless I could figure out how to eat cotton.... or dirt. Grok would not have liked this region.
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