Stone cellars and dugouts of Kansas

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    The mystery of 1800s Kansas stone cellars: Were they also homes?

    Very interesting piece provides context for the cellars found in the 'Flint Hill' region of Kansas. Many homesteaders built rock 'dugouts' or cellars before having the ability to build an above ground home.

    Of interest is just how the arched roofs were completed without scaffolding.

    Set in Stone: Stone Cellars | Republic County Kansas Economic Development

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    Amazing that they theorize that masons laid the stones upon a dirt mound then dug the interior out to produce the cave home.
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    I have people in the border counties between KS and MO. It is instructive to look at the population shifts over time in the very rural areas of KS and parts of NE.

    Folks today have no clue, none, on the 'hardscrabble' life many early immigrants lived.
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    What a great family history DKR.
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