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    Today, March 31, 2018 is National Stop the Bleed Day. Most often a life can be saved if the bleeding is properly stopped. To stop the bleeding, use the ABC's of Bleeding

    A- Alert. Call 911 or instruct someone to call

    B- Bleeding- find the bleeding and access. Is it spurting? Pooling?

    C- Compression- to stop the bleeding
    - Cover the wound with a cloth and apply pressure OR
    -Use a tourniquet OR
    -Pack the wound then apply pressure

    Always use BOTH hands when applying pressure and use straight arms, heel of your hand and press directly on the wound. These are the basics of stopping the bleed. This is a Nationwide program and you can find information, videos and much information on the link below.

    Knowing how to stop the bleed can save a life.
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    Related training that should be done BEFORE diving in with both hands... Knowing how to protect yourself with PPE can save YOUR life.
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    I don't choose to save people because they just might be a libitard or a snowflake maybe just a dumbass.

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    I keep the below in both cars and house as seen some nasty wounds and know these work. And, since I do a lot of chainsaw work around the property, I make sure we always have them. The Israeli Battle Dressing can also be used as a adjustable compression bandage, "multi-purpose bandage...a make-shift tourniquet, ACE Wrap, or even a sling to immobilize an appendage." It truly is a necessity, vacuum packed...they're great, a "never leave home without them" item.

    Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing First Aid Compression Bandage, 6 Inch
    QuikClot Advanced Clotting Hemostatic Sponge to Stop Bleeding Fast, 25gram or 50gram (also have gauze now).
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    Be mindful of personal protective gear, one of my buddies got Hepatitis from a bleeder, and has to take meds the rest of his life! It's not always possable to have or find protection, but you really need to be careful, especially in the world we live in today, drug use, un clean folks, and the spreading of "Urban Illness's" your likely to run into, you really don't want any of That!
    Good on you for taking these classes, these are good skills to have, and more importantly, your family and friends will benefit! Pass on to them what you learn!
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    this thread was about skill development. Why dont you try contributing something about the skill and think of it as the people you know and love. I realize its easier to post why you wont do something than it is to actually think about it and think why you might like to learn a skill like this. Skills are good... judgement is imperative... suggest you use some before whacking off an meme that is like this. Its a good practice to practice skills of decompression as well as skills for saving your family.
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    We talked about makeshift tourniquets today plus some some battlefield pictures with boot laces being used. The speaker said you need 1-11/2" wide for a makeshift tourniquet. If it is not wide then the bleeding will not stop.

    When putting on a tourniquet always remember: place it 2" above the wound. If the first does not stop the bleeding, place a second one higher up. Never loosen the tourniquet. Medical experts are now saying the old practice of loosening and letting blood into the area every 20 minutes is not correct.
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    When you do end up using a toruniquet, the victim is going to loose what ever limb your working on, be mindful of that, where you place it. Always try to stay below a joint if possable, especially a leg! Remember, what you do will potentially save a life, but may lead to suffering later
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  10. Zimmy

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    We had Stop the Bleed training at work a couple of months ago. It was really well done.

    The tourniquet training was very informative and really different than what we trained for back in the War of Northern Aggression [freedom]
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    This is frustrating for me , I am accustomed to making hose repairs on equipment all the time .
    Why is there not a section of tubing with it's own hose barbs one could apply to severed artery, even for an emergency temporary basis.
    Most tissue will stretch to some degree and for that matter can tie it to seal it with thread/monofilament or zip tie for that matter.
    There is tubing material that is capable of being used for this.
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