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    Now this is AWESOME information!
    What I call a GREAT thread!
    Thanks to everyone for their input on this one!
    I copied all the links and going to do some quick research...
    I have had raised bed gardens here for several years, but lately, we had some water problems.....The water literally poisoned the enire garden before we knew what was happening!
    The soil turned a nice brilliant white, and was crusty from the excess of chemicals they put into our water supply!
    We lost the entire season/garden.
    I'll have to remove all the soil and replace it, not an easy task, as we originally had this top soil delivered, 15 tons of it, and moved it, 1-5gallon bucket at a time!
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    Thanks for the links;
    we pretty much know you need practice, information, good soil and luck and you'll still be pretty hungry. Though I do see that alot myself on various boards: "Its important to learn "survival skills" and be able to live off the land...:.( like its just like going to the "quikky-mart"...)
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    I am 58 and spent the first 20 or so years of my life eating from Mason Jars all winter long. The only thing I really never came to like was the canned rabbits my Grandma put up.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

    My daughter and I grow enough on her larger garden and my small garden to take care of a almost all of our vegetable needs. Out of all of my children only one has picked up the fun and pleasure of growing the things we eat. The rest are like the folks I work with- happy to take anything I bring in but wouldn't think of putting in the effort to grow much more than a couple of patio tomatoes.

    It would be interesting to know how many preparers on this forum grow gardens and already have their seeds for next year.
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    We grow a garden and save a fresh batch of seed every year.

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    I basically stay with the most tried and true gardening method of the "Three Sisters" garden perfected by the Native Americans, corn, squash, and beans. This is the best way to garden without having to resort to replacing the soil's nitrogen content with fossil fuel or chemical based fertilizers.

    Potatoes is also my other garden crop that does not require good soils to grow.

    It's one thing to learn how to garden, but in a SHTF situation, gardens will be a magnet to a lot of two legged varmints that are malnourished/starving. A "Three Sisters" garden is the best way to "Stealth Garden" so as to reduce the chances of your crops walking off.

    Another thing about gardens is they will definitely draw the four legged varmits that can also be added to the cooking pot. This is where a verry accurate and powerfull .22cal. air rifle will come in handy.
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    I grow my own every year and put up enough seed that I do seed swaps on several forums as well as here locally where I live. I also swap for things that I don't have enough room to grow.
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    In additiona to my previous post, I found this today and although it isn't a lot of information it is helpful:

    Seed Storage and Its Affects on Quality, Viability, and Germination
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    Even if you don't have a garden or enough seeds to plant one having some seeds may be enough to prevent deficiency diseases. See for info on sprouting. Can be done indoors in mid-winter and will provide fresh veggies anytime.
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