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    i like it
    does anyone know do u cut the logs compleatly threw...
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    The article showed this person had used a chainsaw.
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    You could split them all the way and wire them together with (say) baling wire or rebar tie wire. Heavier is better (fine wires would weaken and drop your ham and eggs---) and rope would be a poor choice, obviously. As shown, the chain saw kerf is wide enough to start the burn. Going with splits, you might have to prop the sections apart to get it going properly.
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    I referenced a couple of Youtube clips to the "Swedish Torch/Stove" using the chainsaw and the bundle sticks and tying them together with baling wire methods of fabrication in an earlier thread...

    Swedish Torch/Stove...a nifty technique

    one way of supporting the bundle of sticks method if you don't have wire would be to contain the base by a circle of stones up to half way up with enough chinks to enable airflow from the base.
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    First ran across the Swedish torch (I think on here) a few years great.
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