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    14 years ago today, I got stranded in Trinidad for months by some Terrorist ass-wipes that couldn't fly a plane. I had left the United States of America a few months earlier to rebuild a barge we had raised in Nevis and towed to Port of Spain. When I was finally able to fly back into Miami, I landed in a Country I didn't recognize. There were armed soldiers all over the airport with automatic weapons and M203 grenade launchers, a new knee-jerk bunch of over reaction called the "Patriot" Act, and more big brother to watch over us all. That is why I am dedicating this song to real winners of 9/11: big Government.

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    One of the most successful businessman in history has to be Bin Ladin. He took a few idiots, less than a million dollars, and 4 of our own planes and destroyed so many of our freedoms, created a whole new homeland security section in our government, destroyed my pleasure in air travel, caused two wars, and we have spent a couple of trillion dollars losing the war on terror and the jury is still out on if in the long run he didn't destroy our economy. Big governments "never let a crisis go to waste" has struck with full impact. If in fact it was as some believe a false flag event, he was an even better businessman as he was able to sell a product that he didn't even own.
    I am sorry for all the people killed in the attack, knew several and those left behind have suffered a great loss.
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    If the Patriot Act had to be passed at all, it should have been done with a three or five year sunset.

    I remember when it was announced that a new government department was being created, the Department of Homeland Security.

    To me, it rhymed with the word gestapo. Shiver me timbers.
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    Today is 9/11 and on this twin anniversary of the 2001 attacks and the loss of our people in Benghazi. Each year we remember the 3000 people murdered in 2001. I ask that we also remember the four lost in Benghazi. Especially the three warriors, Sean Smith, and CIA (former Navy SEAL) agents Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. The warriors managed to kill over 60 of their attackers before they were overrun by the savages. The ambassador Chris Stevens died doing the nefarious work of the White House and the State Department but his death was horrible by any standards and his murderers were not satisfied with his death, they brutalized his body.
    Our heroes fighting valiantly asked for help multiple times but were ignored by those in control. Even two senior flag officers were relieved of command trying to help those under attack.
    Judgement is the Lord's and He will judge these cretins. This reality comforts me, but my sinful condition loves the line Time wounds all heels. Heels is an extremely mild description of those that failed our warriors.
    So, please remember our heroes on this day.
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    Patriot act did have a sunset. It'sbeen renewed 3x with added powers for sec of state. Including the Real ID Act
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    Txs tac... autotype got me again
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    Thank you for pointing that out G. I do believe you are correct.
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