Strange rumbling noises/ Compass deviations

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    There have been numerous reports of strange rumbling sounds around the country and around the world. There have been compass deviations up to 30 degrees from true north to the east. Some people have overlayed the two Maps and it is coming up a near match.
    Has anyone here in any area heard this rumbling noise?
    Also is your compass off from the usual true north. Here are some links to this and even some video. Wierd stuff. Yellow stone/ New Madrid fault line? Jet engines?Weather?
    Florida-March 2011!Wow! Eerie 20 Minute, Loud Rumbling Sound *Video*, page 1
    Compasses going crazy...Theories and Research, page 1
    Compass Deviations/Rumble Noises, page 1
    Map of the strange sound phenomenon heard around the world., page 1
    Has any one here heard rumblings? Also please check your compasses everyone.
    Thanks BAT1
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    Haven't heard the rumbling or seen my compass off, but, on a recent trip to FL my GPS unit went a bit crazy. I was sitting still at a stop light at an intersection when my GPS started saying "when possible make a legal u-turn". My wife and I looked at each other then the GPS and sure enough, I was "traveling" down the road to the right (I was facing straight to go through the intersection). It was funny, cause the little arrow that represents me and my orientation on the map hadn't changed, it was still pointing like I was going straight.
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    Great , I notice your in Tennessee. Here's a report on the New Madrid fault line. The line of this fault is the same as the above map. There are more reports of this rumbling coming in in on other forums.Rift Zone 11:2002 EXPLORER
    This scientist also says the fault starts in the gulf of Mexico. Also there is a huge oil slick forming 20 miles from the 'capped' BP blowout.
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    I heard a rumbling the other night. It turns out it was just the evening train. My compass needle went off a bit, it was weird because usually it takes a few more shots of whiskey before I start to see doubles.

    But seriously, I think it's hard to say for certain what will happen next. Florida has always been wacky when it comes to EM fields and such, and Tennessee is not exactly a calm seismic zone. I would rather expect the best but plan for the worst and remain calm, personally.

    Did anybody see the recent corporate media spin on the west coast predictions to cover the prediction cycle that has been spreading? -link- Without any evidence of their own, they claim to have successfully debunked everything from a sane and rational point of view. That's reporting for ya!

    No matter what happens next, it will happen when it happens, and chances are we won't be forewarned by the corporate media, either. We could also go ahead with our lives as if everything is fine and nothing bad will ever happen again, like drugged up zombies.
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    I thought both my compasses pointed south instead of north. After I sobered up, I had another look. Guess I confused the needle ends ---.
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    Install Tinfoil Hat:

    The story linked above is LONG on speculation and short on FACTS, and when they speculate about HAARP, the "FACTS" they cite are WRONG, on their face. HARRP is NOT an ELF Radar, or even an ELF Radio source. HAARP runs at HF Frequencies, and is actually on the AIR, very infrequently, at Full Power, and Operational Tests at Full Power, are scheduled and documented, as they must give the Alaska FAA, advanced notice, so that aircraft, in flight, can be aware of navigational anomalies, in their onboard Radio Navigation Systems, that may occur, in the vicinity of the Antenna Array, and around the State of Alaska.

    Uninstall Tinfoil Hat, and return to normal browsing mode:

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    I do offshore survey for a living, and my company was informed that the gov was doing some calibration checks over the next few months that could affect GPS readings. They have done them and it did affect accuracy for a few hours here and there on my last two jobs that I worked. There will be more in the future. They usually send out warnings to the FAA and maritime industry so that it is expected to a degree, and so that you can take the appropriate precautions.
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    Yep, that notice was out. The magnetic poles have moved enough to affect real compasses, and I imagine that GPS has to be recalibrated as well so north is indeed north. (I don't have GPS, and am having a hard time thinking why I need another gadget. If I'm going to have maps/charts as a backup anyway, I just cannot see the use to having extra batteries just in case.) [monkeyeating]
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