Strange things found while in the woods.

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  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    I have a few finds here is one :

    I was hunting in a wilderness area where There were no trails. It was myself and two other friends and we hiked off and on for two days using just a map and compass and on the second day we walked around this huge cliff to find a full on cabin with a lawn and solar power and washer and dryer the whole nine yards all built into the rock face of the cliff. You couldn't see it from above so it had gone unoticed for years. We talked to the guy that lived there and he said we were the first people he had seen hike in, in 14 years. He was a retired helicopter pilot and he had flown all the equipment in by helo. He was squatting on federal land and knew it but didn't seem worried. He said he hikes out every few months for supplies by a different route then we came in and he showed it to us. We used that route to get back as he had a trail beaten down so the walking was easier. All in all it was pretty cool. we never told the anyone about the old helicopter pilot so I would bet he is still out there. He had some great shine.[beer]
    I have been going to hike back there and see if he is still alive, he has to be over 80 now.
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    Sounds like a paradise found only in a dream -I wonder if he would mind willing it to you since you found it? "This squatters cabin is hereby willed to Quig."

    I want to finish setting up my mobile operation so that I can pretty much do the same thing, only without the know. ;)
  3. gunbunny

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    God bless him!
  4. 44044

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    Sounds like a place you might want to keep an eye on. If you go back take him some kind of a present.
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    I live on Guam for a long time and it was real common to finds skulls,bones and a lot of ordinance out in the jungle. a air force guy found a 16 inch naval round while gardening.
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    :shock: Holy Sheet!
  7. Tango3

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    Dang that's a big root!
    chop, chop...

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    We have a family of sugar gliders living in a birdhouse in the back yard above our rock patio. We thought they were squirrels but Friday night while celebrating post-research paper with Jack and Diet Coke and a big cigar (compliments of Minuteman) we finally saw one of the sugar gliders climb out of the house. We saw two more peeking out so there is a whole family in there.
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