String Up The Gun Toters...they Scare Everyone....ooooooooh

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Was he waving it and pointing it at does having a gun on your hip result in an ACT? It seems like this citation can be served on anyone expressing their 2nd Amendment right? How can you stop anyone from being fearful of a gun that is never touched...just the sight of it sends them cowering in the corner? How is that the gun owner's fault?
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    We have a statute inNC Called going armed to the terror of the public... was origionally meant to be used against people brandishing their weapons but it has been incorrectlt used in some counties against folks carrying weapons openly... if you have a CCW it's better to conceal it if it's that large that yiou can't conceal it you need a different weapon... In this case the guy wasn'y using his head for anything but a hat rack... you don't do something this stupid following something like the Colorado shooting...
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    Our elected officials make oaths to abide by the United States Constitution, but once in power become consumed with implementing regulation upon regulation, law upon law, and tax upon tax that place useless burdens upon innocent Americans. These officials eventually become deaf, dumb and blind to our rights of individual liberty, and under the guise of safety, seek control, power, and money over anything else. Big government with too much power, control and money is tantamount to tyranny.
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    First this guy. From how he described his firearm it sounds like a cannon(long barrel revolver) which is not the bet to carry concealed. If you are going to carry concealed then carry concealed. Dress for it, act for it, have the correct attitude for it. If you are going to open carry(if it is legal to do so where you are)then open carry. One or the other not a little this way an a little that way.
    In Pennsylvania open carry I legal in all municipalities except for a Class 1 city(Philadelphia). In order to carry openly or concealed in a Class 1 city or concealed in any other municipality you must have a Firearms license. Pennsylvania does not have a true brandishing law but, disorderly conduct is often used as a cover all.

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    I was outside all afternoon running back and forth in the front yard waiving my shotgun and S&W .44Mag around and the only thing the public did was beep their horn and wave as they drove by.
    The only cop that stopped by was my neighbor Dwight and he bought a dozen eggs asked me if I was doing erratic PT. Then he jumped back in the cruiser and went back to the station. [dunno]
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    Erratic PT. Lol.
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    Wasn't so erratic pushing the piece in boot. If you stand still and do the 96 count, no one would take a second look (except sheep.)
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    Is that when you simulate a heart attack?
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    Just as long as you don't get dirt in your barrel.
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