Stuctured water? Harmonic resonance? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Mindgrinder, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Saying "thank you" or "i love you" to your water and plants CAN make a difference...
    Same reason when mom cooks it tastes better....same reason when a priest prays over water it might have healing properties...


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    Only in a human Mind.....
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    Lots of science data to back up my point...i get placebo effect but I don't think its a factor here.
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    The producers of this are sitting back watching the internet and the responses by folks to this and laughing themselves silly. Can you say hoax? This is almost as fun as the Killa Thrilla video of a plane losing a wing in flight and then landing. The real question to ask is what is the hype they are wanting to generate or is it just for fun?

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    Hoax? That's pretty funny. Can you say "cognitive dissonance"?
    Cuz u are infected by it.

    Probably the most interesting part is at 43 minutes talking about how sunlight heats water but some "other" force builds order. If you look at the video should be clear that a factor in this "other" "order building" force is frequency.

    Life is a product or order.

    Turn off your tv and think aboot it.
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    Frequency is not a force but is just a measure of how fast something is vibrating. That's all. The order in the water is fundamentally created by electrostatic forces (how electric charges attract and repel). Pretty interesting actually with the microsheres lining up but its entirely understandable. What he didn't address but I rather suspect is also present is a resonant frequency of vibration between the spheres when they are perturbated. The situation is very much like a bowling ball hanging on a spring. The force of the spring wants to pull the ball up, gravity wants to pull it down and it finds an equilibrium. If you give it a bump, it will bounce up and down for a good while until it finds the equilibrium again. Two competing forces.

    Same thing in the water with the attraction of the negative particles and the + charged water wanting to pull the negative particles together and the two negative particles reacting with each other to move apart. There is a balance which is the ultimate spacing just like the bowling ball hanging on a spring from two competing forces. In a previous life I could have written the differential equation of this for you in a couple heartbeats but I haven't done that stuff in 25 years or more. It is a second order differential and the vicosity of the water would have a damping effect introducing the first order derivative in the equation.

    The water on a speaker is neat, I've demonstrated that same thing with various powders on a piece of paper over a loud speaker driven with a frequency generator to my wife's grade schoolers. Nothing magic, the sound energy comes from the amplifier driving the speaker and this vibrates the water. The sound energy attempts to shake the water molecules apart and the surface tension is trying to pull it together. Two competing forces again just like above. There are resonances in the balance of those forces that result in the various patterns at different frequencies. Nature can create some very beautiful stuff.

    These last two videos illustrate some very very straight forward physics with implications to chemistry and possibly biology. Neither connect with the first video which is just fiction that I confess I got a kick out of it.

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  7. Mindgrinder

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    Thanks for the thoughtful reply....i'm still studying this stuff.

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