Students told to write essay on their conversion to Islam

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    British moms and dads were fuming after a school instructed students to write an essay explaining why they had converted to Islam.

    Gemma Gough posted the assignment on Facebook – and said her child would not be completing the assignment.

    Click here to listen to Todd’s podcast on “The Rise of Islam in American Public Schools”.

    “This is not acceptable,” she wrote. ‘Kids are too impressionable and imagine if these letters got in the wrong hands in years to come.”

    The 12 and 13-year-old kids at Beaucamps High School in Guernsey were told to consider what it would be like to become a Muslim.

    Students told to write essay on their conversion to Islam | Fox News
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    Indoctrination at its finest....[reddevil]
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    If that happened to one of MY Children, my very First Stop would be in the Principles Office, with Steam coming out of my ears... I have had confrontations with a few "Educaters" while my Children were in Schools, and to a Person, they ALL remarked to AlaskaChick, later, that they NEVER wanted to have to deal with ME, AGAIN, as long as they lived... There was only ONE High School Principal, who ever got a return Visit, And he left Teaching, at the end of that School Year... These Folks were employed to teach, My Children, and it was my Job to determine, if what they were teaching MY Children, was appropriate, for them. When I would learn of a lesson, that was NOT appropriate for My Children, and I brought that FACT, to their attention, I would either get Satisfaction, or escalate the issue to the Principal. There was never an issue after that discussion, because either my Child was excused from that lesson, or that lesson was scrubbed from the Lesson Plan... Almost never did I ever have issues with any teacher twice, and many times I would receive a NOTE, concerning a specific controversial Lesson Plan, that was coming up, so I could decide if it was appropriate for MY Child. Mostly I approved, these things, except if they involved Religion, or Planned Parenthood.... Those were absolutely Forbotten.. I had a fair reputation by the time my third Child, entered School... We as Parents, ALWAYS went to Parent/Teacher Conferences, and School Open Houses...
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    I am assuming it is your professional, authoritative demeanor and witty charm that showed these people the error of their ways. ;) Maybe you should write a book on how to deal with snooty teachers and school officials! :)

    I actually think something like this happened in the states recently also...
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    I do wonder whether there would be quite so much outrage if the assignment was altered to writing how they (the students) had converted to Christianity???

    Personally......I think there would be much more merit in students writing an essay about their de-conversion experience from theism entirely. It would be much more meaningful doing that, than having to attend the (virtually) compulsory "scripture" classes (aka Special Religious Education) that Australian students have had to endure for many decades, (beginning in the late 19th century).

    As an exercise in studying comparative religion, I would not have a an issue with it, provided that several religious and non religious traditions were distributed among the class members, and that students were not allocated a religious tradition that they themselves do not belong. It is one of those exercises in walking a few weeks in another faith's slippers, to understand religious faith from different perspectives. That kind of exercise may just open some young persons' eyes to the fact that they may have more in common with their classmates than their family and community may be comfortable with, and may just start asking awkward questions that their family may prefer not to answer.

    Some folk, in squashing the idea out of hand, may perhaps prefer blessed ignorance, over open minded inquiry.
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    No, It was my "I am the Parent, and Tax Payer, and you work for Me" attitude... I do not nessesarily endear myself to Educators, or Left Wing Scum, as the case may be.... But I do take my Parenthood responsibilities very seriously... If one chooses to have Children, then it is Their Primary Responcibility to raise them to be Honorable, Responcible, and Truthfull Individuals, and that includes monitoring and enhancing their Education... AlaskaChick is mostly the one who gets credit for how our children were raised. Our oldest is half way thru her PHD Program in Clinical Psychology. ( Our Dr. Phil) Her Brother is a Senion ParaMedic in SaltLake City. Our Youngest Daughter is now half way thru Nursing School. I figure Momma did a Good Job... Not a slacker in the bunch...
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    Thanks for sharing, @AD1. That is messed up. I have taken comparative religion when I was in school, and it was never biased like the stuff I am hearing about coming out of our "education" system.

    Good on you, @BTPost. That is part of why we continue to homeschool.
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    Props to you and AlaskaChick for your children's achievements. Parenting is, when it is done well, a team effort. Both of you can be justifiably proud of your efforts.
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    For such a staunch Constitutionalist @Taku as you profess to be, I am shocked that you would even suggest such a blanket statement. Yes....Private Schools, Home Schoolers and Church schools can inculcate pretty much whatever religious bigotry they wish. with their students. The First Amendment protects their rights to teach whatever religious tosh they wish. Constitutionally, It is no business of the Government to gainsay that. However, it is also no business of the Government to favour one religion over another, or disfavour one religion over another in Government funded State schools. What you are suggesting, Taku, is a clear breach of the Constitution that you allegedly hold so close to the heart, that I can almost imagine you may just possibly have.

    Now....were State Education Departments, State School Boards, State School administrators and/or State School teachers to put into effect the Taku "Teach (Islam) is an Evil belief" propaganda program, it would result in immediate and aggressive Constitutional challenges. The probable outcomes of such legal challenges are that scarce State public education resources will be squandered in untenable defences of lawsuits that Schools districts have little prospect of winning in the first instance, or on appeal. Who is likely to lose most in implementing Taku's unconstitutional plan??? State school students of course....but what does that matter to him???

    Constitutional Requirements Governing American Education - Federal Constitutional Requirements, State Constitutional Issues, Conclusion

    @Taku....I commend to you the following publication....... an extract of which is excerpted below.

    Emphasis in quote above is chelloveck's
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