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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Conagher, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Subject: IMPORTANT!!

    How to recognize a stroke........

    During a BBQ a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured
    everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) and just
    tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up
    and got her a new plate of food - while she appeared a bit shaken up,
    Ingrid went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening. Ingrid's
    husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to
    the hospital - (at 6:00pm, Ingrid passed away.) She had suffered a
    stroke at the BBQ - had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke
    perhaps Ingrid would be with us today.

    ----- A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3
    hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. He said
    the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed an getting to the
    patient within 3 hours which is tough.


    Thank God for the sense to remember the "3" steps. Read and Learn!

    Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify.
    Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim
    may suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the
    symptoms of a

    Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three
    simple questions:

    1. *Ask the individual to SMILE.

    2. *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

    3. *Ask the person to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently) (i.e. . . It
    is sunny out today) If he or she has trouble with any of these tasks,
    call 9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

    After discovering that a group of non-medical volunteers could identify
    facial weakness, arm weakness and speech problems, researchers urged the
    general public to learn the three questions. They presented their
    conclusions at the American Stroke Association's annual meeting last
    February. Widespread use of this test could result in prompt diagnosis
    and treatment of the stroke and prevent brain damage.

    A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this e-mail sends it to 10
    people; you can bet that at least one life will be saved.

    could save someone's life.

    I thought that this was fitting for all of us, since strokes are one of the leading causes of death, and we could all learn how to recognize it and help the family member, friend, or person. Or it could be them saving one of us.....
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    Good post.... Thanks!!!
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    Another great post! As a health care provider, I have seen amazing things happen concerning this. People that could not complete a sentence, or move their left sides, make complete recoveries with in moments of receiving the drug. The biggest problem is time. It is a three hour window for some drugs, less than one hour for others. That means that from the start of symptoms, you have to move quick in order to get the best results. Over the next few years you will see that there will be a push, much like there has been for heart attacks, to teach people the signs and what to do.

    Thanks for posting this Conagher. Hopefully this will help someone.....

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    See what we can come up with when you are away phishi?

    good post Con
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    Yeah and its not a joke :eek:
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