Submarine, Its Sailors Maintain Cold War Secrets NR1

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    Hopefully a tell all book won't be in the works.

    I bet they got a bit close....
    Complement: 3 officers, 8 crewmen, 2 scientists


    GROTON, Conn. -- It could dive deeper than any other submarine, and when it reached the ocean floor, the one-of-a-kind Navy vessel could roll on wheels with lights illuminating the depths outside its windows.

    The nuclear-powered NR-1, launched in Groton in 1969, was one of the most secretive vessels in the U.S. undersea force. It was taken out of service in 2008 and disassembled. Now the Navy has collected pieces of it for an exhibit at a submarine museum in Groton, where it was based for the duration of its service life.

    It was known primarily as a research vessel, but it also carried out a range of military missions that remain under wraps even today. Veterans who served aboard the tiny sub during the Cold War say that it was one of the most fascinating assignments of their careers -- but that not even their wives know all the details.

    Submarine, Its Sailors Maintain Cold War Secrets |
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    My old Dad would probably love reading more about this .. He worked with sub's but never went to sea in one..
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    You won't find a lot of info on that boat, she was pretty tightly classified. I saw her a couple times in New London when I was there, but not close up. Very thoro mix of military and civilian support missions.

    I have to add that there were a couple other submarines with wheels. Back before WWII there were some training boats in New London, G-boats I think, that had them, and there were others I can't remember. There were at least two that fought in WWII with wheels, very tiny ships.

    Here's a earlier one.
    Los Angeles Herald 23 February 1903 — California Digital Newspaper Collection

    One of the commissioning crew passed thru nuke school with me. He collaborated on a book. Here's a review, I knew, but not well, Lee Vyborny, a very bright man. There were delays in new construction, of course, and the commissioning crew went to just about all the specialty schools the navy had, diving, welding, cross training in different ratings, but they did get her under way on her own.
    Vyborny, Lee, and Don Davis. Dark Waters: an Insider's Account of the NR-1, the Cold War's Undercover Nuclear Sub. - Free Online Library
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    I hope there is a NR 2-NR3 at work but given the current state of things we would have read about it on the DNC web page with barry at the helm..(photo shopped)
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    Poppa knows the meaning of "Classified"..;)
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    Other sneak and peek Subs had skids.
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