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Suburban Fla. Man Strangles Rabid Bobcat

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by E.L., Jun 20, 2007.

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    Suburban Fla. Man Strangles Rabid Bobcat

    WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. (AP) - Dale Rippy says he was acting on instinct when a rabid 25-pound bobcat attacked him on his porch in this central Florida suburb.

    Rippy, 62, endured the bobcat's slashes and bites until it clawed into a position where he could grab it by the throat.
    Then he strangled it.
    Rippy said it was clear the crazed bobcat had to be stopped.
    "I was bleeding everyplace," the Vietnam veteran said of the May 30 attack. "If that cat had attacked a child, it would've been really bad. It wouldn't have quit."
    Rippy's neighbors in this suburb 25 miles northeast of Tampa called for help. Tests showed the dead bobcat was rabid. Rippy was treated for exposure to rabies, and several bites and cuts.
    Authorities praised Rippy for clear thinking under pressure.
    "We give this guy a lot of credit for what he did," said Pasco County Animal Control Manager Denise Hilton. "The man was definitely using his head when he did that. If he let the cat go, we could have had more victims."
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    I can't imagine being able to do that. If it's real, that's one tough SOB! A 25 pound bobcat could tear you to shreds. Hats off to that guy!
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