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    For the last 60-ish or so years 1/3 of the US Marine Corps have been based in Okinawa Japan ( including yours truly back in the 90's ). For at least the last 20 years the Japanese have been kicking and screaming that they want all US troops out of Japan. So, we're spending 100's of Billions of our dollars to move the Marines to Guam. With our occupation, comes our protection. Without our occupation, you want what ? Now China is moving in on the outer islands that Japan thinks belong to them. This could get ugly...

    Read ABC Story here
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    I'm sure we would support Japan just as vigorously as we did the damage inflight and capture of one of our own electronic surveillance planes. The State Dept would issue a strongly worded protest whilst the Chinese invested the island with troops and ships. Months later the Japanese would be allowed to drag away the carcass of any useless equipment on the island.
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    If we let other countries walk in and take over our "allies", then mayhaps we should stop training them on our tactics. The chinese to learn our tactics would have to do their homework. Though if they took over the Japanese, they would have instructors who were instructed by us on our tactics. It would make it easier for them. So we show other countries how we fight, then let them get taken over? Doesn't seem like a smart move. I'd think we would stand with them. The age of conquest is over. Or do we as a country need to revive it?
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