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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by arleigh, Aug 29, 2017.

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    Guess the price of property on Mount Ararat just increased in value.
    Personal flotation devices won't keep you out of the water, don't duplicate the Titanic have enough seats in your watercraft to hold every member of your clan. (include pets) Ensure that you have at least 100 Meters of climbing rope (8 mm at the least) for each watercraft, para-cord is nice but currents can be stronger. I would recommend that folks take the time to watch Brad Meltzer Decoded episode on the Georgia Guide-stones. The new map of America after sea level rise is food for thought. ( Apocalypse in Georgia)
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    There was an expert on the national flood insurance program on the public channel. The real problem is that 1 percent of the policies cost 35 to 40 percent of the total expenditures and it becomes a massive subsidy for the most endangered areas. Unfortunately, those same areas, coastal resorts, new housing developments, coastal gambling, tourist destinations, etc, also generate a lot of jobs and taxes and as long as the government will pay to rebuild, flood insurance about 25 billion in the hole and massive aid after an event, they will continue to build in areas that are prone to damage in a weather event. The individual with a few hundred acres of land that should not be built on can often make millions on it and the governing body will collect taxes on the land and structures and often sales and other taxes and thus everyone has a vested interest in building.
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    Better to spend it in Texas, than to spend it building Infrastructure in Afghanistan, to my way of thinking.... Over here we will get a return on our Investment in Taxes.... Over there we just get Shot At....
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    FAK should be complete with daily doses for those that are drug dependent "diabetes" and or sugar supplements .
    list of daily needs especially for the elderly .
    Honey is an excellent antibiotic and food ,never under estimate it .
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    So glad I'm not part of the flood insurance scam any more.
    Funding other people's stupidity is expensive.
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    What does that mean?

    FYI I am wondering how insurance companies can handle this debt. Please note, CO had a now totally, $2 billion dollar hail storm in May. Some smaller bargain insurance companies no longer answer their hones. The losses in Texas will be felt throughout the nation.

    @arleigh add IDs for you and family members. tags/wristbands or something like that, especially with kids. One can be separated from their family if injuries occur or being rescued individually.
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    When I was living in Virginia I was forced to pay just over $100 per month for flood insurance on a house that had never flooded.
    Flood insurance is government backed. Because free market flood insurance wouldn't be affordable to most people because the risk is so extreme.
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    Hmm, I know that if your classified in a flood zone home lenders require you to have flood ins.
    I live outside a flood zone yet i choose to maintain flood ins, About 500.00 a year thru Farm Bureau.
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    Well at least there won't be a drought for a while. Ok. as long as the dams hold.
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    It is not necessary to observe rivers for 500-1000 years to have accurate predictions of what flooding will occur.

    40 years ago, before good computer models, the Army Corps of Engineers had a hydrology lab near Vicksburg with a scale model of the Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf and about 100 miles to either side. I saw it back in the early 70's and it was very cool! They would study different rain falls, effects of proposed dams or levies and simulate the consequences rather accurately. Now the Corps and NOAA have rather good hydrology computer models that predict flood levels. Plug into those models different precipitation totals for various areas, ground saturation info, temperatures, vegetation numbers for different seasons, etc. and they can predict flood levels at their various gaging stations within several inches and other areas within a foot or two.

    To establish flood plans they use 1 in 100 or 1 in 500 year precipitation estimates and plug those into hydrological models. The primary variable in all that is the precipitation estimates, not so much the flooding model, and there are lots of statistics to make pretty good estimates for those numbers.

    I use the NOAA hydrological forecasts for a river near me about every time we get extensive precipitation and they will predict within 3-4 inches 12-24 hours out with great regularity that I use to determine if it will be too deep to drive that route to town. It is an extension of these models across a wider terrain for which USGS has pretty good data these days and modestly accurate flood plain predictions aren't all that difficult.
  11. oil pan 4

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    I would hate to see a real 500 year flood.

    The thing with computer modeling is you can make it show anything thing you want.
    For example, computer models were saying that the polar ice caps were going to be completely melted by 2010. I haven't personally been tone north pole but I hear it's still pretty icy.
    And that the Ozone layer would be completely healed if we banned cfc refrigerant. The largest hole ever observed was 2010.
    Nothing like agenda driven science.
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    @oil pan 4 that 500 yr probability always makes me laugh for the reasons you mentioned.

    I agree with @BTPost, most of the time you can see you are in a flood plane, if you are located down stream from a damn maybe not. in this case residents thought the damn was protecting them and that the damn officials would give a warning before releasing so much water. But the residents down river were not warned about the extra water the damn had to release

    Also there are areas here in AZ where sheet flooding is so prevent with a wide open area of rock, you would not know it's a flood zone without being told or living here a few years
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    The flooding that AZ had a yeat or 2 ago may have been a 100 to 500 year flood since miles of topographic maps will have to be changed after that event.
  14. arleigh

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    You all know that there was cloud seeding north west of the storm in Texas which intensified the event ?
  15. ghrit

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    The weather weenies are dealing with an inexact science when talking about x years flooding. All the scientific wild guessing goes out the window when the dam breaks OR the rain behaves unusually. Case in point of unusual, the Susquehanna river flooding in 1972. The river basin, generally got heavy rain, not readily classified as extraordinary or even unusual. HOWEVER, the storm followed the river from it's origins in NY all the way down to the Chesapeake. So as the water from the rain collected and ran into the river, the following rain just added to the river (storm flow matched concentration time for the basin.) It did NOT help that the susqui is dammed here and there, nor that the weenies did not advise the dam owners that there was a world of water about to bury them. A civil engineer I knew back then (one of the truthtellers, not the exaggerators) was there to see the Holtwood Dam look like a ripple, 4 feet of water along the entire length of the crest, not just the spillway. The Conowingo dam was nearly overtopped, and the release flow essentially put Port Deposit under water.

    All that points out is that on one side of the mountain, you are WET. On the other you are DRY. (Or, as is found in the southwest, pay attention when the sign says flash flooding is possible. When you see rain clouds on the mountains, you should turn around and wait a while. Or talk to a local if you can find one, they usually know.)

    @Airtime I don't know if those models are kept up, but should be to calibrate the 'puter models. They also have one for the Columbia, New York Harbor (and the associated Hudson River, and like as not others.
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    My favorite part about "100 year flood" or "50 year storm" doesn't mean that it only occurs every 100 or every 50 years.
    It means that you have a 1% (100 year) chance that a flood that bad will occur in any given year.
    or a 2 % (50 year) chance that a storms that bad will occur in any given year.
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    Pretty much ever place in the U.S. has flooded at one time or another.
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