Suicide Bomber Elimination

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    Suicide Bomber Elimination
    By: Ben Goldstein

    Head Instructor
    Israeli Combat Training

    In Israel we have been facing the Suicide Bomber (aka Homicide Bomber) for many years now. We have become, quite unfortunately, the worlds leading experts in the fight against this type of terrorism.

    Our American service men and women are also facing this deadly threat daily in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    We have seen suicide bombers strike locations all over the world and it is only a matter of time before this type of terrorism strikes us here in the USA.

    Although this may apply more to the Law Enforcement crowd, everyone should have a better understanding as to the tactics used to eliminate the suicide bomber as you never know when it may be you and your pistol or rifle against a suicide bomber determined to cause a mass casualty attack in your building, Church, Synagogue, mall, movie theater etc...

    You can always ask the obvious question of "How will I know WHO a suicide bomber is...don't they hide the bomb under clothes or in bags?"

    The answer is most of the time you will have no idea they are standing right next to you.

    BUT, there have been many documented times in Israel where a suicide bomber has been identified prior to detonating his/her device and either armed security personnel or armed civilians or even unarmed civilians have managed to either kill or remove the suicide bomber from the immediate high threat area and take cover after warning the people around them.

    Here are a few instances:


    To effectively eliminate a suicide bomber, you must eliminate his/her ability to access a detonation device. You cannot shoot a suicide bomber from close range at center mass as his/her bomb vest can explode, killing you and those around you.

    Your best opportunity to eliminate the bombers ability to detonate the explosives is to quickly shut down his/her central nervous system.

    The quickest way to do this is to sever the brain stem from the spinal column.

    What is a Brain Stem and where is the brain stem located?
    Read this link to find out.
    Brainstem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Gray719.png" class="image"><img alt="Gray719.png" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@commons/thumb/0/0b/Gray719.png/250px-Gray719.png

    You can accomplish severing the brain stem with a firearm by firing at the following position on his/her body:

    1) If you are firing from the front, you aim for the chin/mouth area. By striking the chin/mouth area with multiple rounds you will most likely blow out the rear of the chin/mouth area which is where the brain stem meets the spinal column which will, in turn, render the bomber a useless rag doll incapable of making another move.

    2) If you are firing from the rear, you also aim for the same area which is located at the base of the head, where the head meets the neck.

    Now, be aware that just because you eliminated the bomber, the threat might not have passed. The bomb might have a secondary, remote detonation device that can be activated by an accomplice on the scene.

    As soon as you have "dropped" the bomber, you need to immediately evacuate yourself and others from the area, clearing at least 100 yards and take cover. (Shrapnel can travel at 6000 feet per second so you best take cover!)

    The following also applies to the immediate aftermath of a successful bombing.

    Aftermath of Bombing

    Move out of the immediate area, at least 100 yards.

    Move away from any parked vehicles as parked vehicles might have been set in place by the bomber/s prior to reaching the area and used as secondary devices against rescue personnel.

    What is a secondary device? see this link:

    Cordon off the entrance to the area, either with police tape or with other volunteers, not letting anyone past your cordon unless they can be properly identified as valid Law Enforcment or rescue personnel.

    Be in condition Red during this time in case you come across secondary bombers.
    (Condition Red is that level of mental awareness you reach when you know the threat is real)

    Bombers WILL use ambulances or security vehicles or additional bombers to get past a cordoned area in order to kill rescue or LE personnel.

    It will be very hectic and confusing and there will be casualties to deal with and curious onlookers and the media to keep away.

    You must cordon off the area and allow only known, ID'd and authorized rescue personnel inside the threat zone.

    The bomb squad should enter first and quickly clear the immediate area, searching any bags, bodies and suspicious objects as well as breaking the windows to any parked vehicles and searching the vehicles and trunks for secondary devices.

    You can have a small squad of ID'd and known rescue personnel enter with the bomb squad and as soon as the bomb squad has verified that there are no other devices on any of the casualties, that rescue squad can begin their life saving triage.

    Only when the all clear is given (this should not take too long with an experienced or well trained bomb squad) should the bulk of the rescue personnel be allowed to enter the area.

    The cordon should remain in place the entire time that the rescue operation is in effect and the more Law Enforcement personnel at the cordon, the better. The cordon should be beefed up to include temporary barricades, a human chain of Law Enforcement around the area and police tape.

    On the command and control side, checkpoints/roadblocks should be established as soon as possible within a few concentric miles of the area on all major roads and highways leading away from the scene in order to try and capture any additional accomplices trying to flee the scene.

    This planning should be in place, mapped out with pre-assigned checkpoint locations on major roads all over the city. When time to implement this plan arises, you are ready to call out your units to set up checkpoints quickly and efficiently no matter where it is in the city.

    Prior planning is critical when seconds count.

    Expect the Unexpected...This can happen today​

    Ben Goldstein
    Sgt. (Res.) Israel Defense Force, Infantry Combat

    Founder & Head Instructor

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