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    DURATION: 60 minutes plus live Q&A
    COST: Free but advance registration is required

    Learn how to:

    1. Bake, boil, steam or roast complete meals which will never burn.
    2. Boil or pasteurize drinking water.
    3. Naturally dehydrate fruits, vegetables or make jerky.
    4. Kill insects, seeds, fungus and bacteria in used potting soil to restore it to its original sterile state.
    5. Dry herbs without breaking down the essential oils and vitamins to increase nutrients.
    6. Enhance your sprouting during the winter.
    7. Enjoy baked roasts and bread all summer long while reducing your utility bills.
    8. Naturally, kill bug infestations in grains or dried foods.
    9. Easily peel freshly laid hard boiled eggs.
    10. Be better prepared for Emergencies.

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    We will send you a reminder before it starts but be sure to mark your calendar now so you do not forget. See you then!


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