Sunset Beach

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    Going to the beach first thing was very nice. Except the monkeys really didn't want to get up at dawn. But we made it. It was a gorgeous day on the North Shore. Summer is a great time for kids to play there as the ocean is mild. Not only did the monkeys have a hard time leaving the house, they had a hard time leaving the car.


    Little monkey is ready to get wet. The water was a little bit colder than the last several beaches we were at, but still felt deliciously cool in the summer sun.


    We dropped on Mrs. Hanzo for her mile rough water ocean race and kicked back.


    Once the swimmers got going, we had most of the beach and water to ourselves.


    Looking on the right.


    Looking on the left


    Big monkey was lazy and sluggish today. I think she is having a growth spurt. But had the golfer girl look today.


    There is a little drop off right off shore.


    And the water was crystal clear.


    Monkeys like to dig. And at one point, she had a tiny hole about three feet deep, but not much larger than her arm.


    Monkey #1 perfected the girly run. (roll my eyes)


    After she ate, she perked up, but was content to stay on shore.


    Our new friend was really hot, being black, and made a mad dash for the water


    He was having so much fun, he just went straight out to sea and his owner had to go get him after she stopped by where we were kicking back. Post retrieval.


    Tried my hand with some underwater pictures with my iPhone. I screwed up a bunch of them (a couple would have been really good except for my hand blocking most of it).


    A gunny but blurry shot. Mrs. Hanzo said it looked like I put the monkey's head on a wave. But it is the top view of the picture above.


    Sea foam, with splash.


    And my attempt at a more artsy sea foam shot, but my leg go in the way.


    Exercising my tracking skills? I detect monkeys and dog tracks.


    Monkeys decided to do some sand drawings.



    Since Momma is done, we finish up and head out.


    Notice they are much more upright with a pastry and a dark chocolate iced blended drink in hand...


    After a half day of frolicking in sun, sand and sea, I have my carnivore lunch of steak, chicken, sausage and dried fish. Washed down with a cup of blended veggies that the wifee made to drink. Further washed down with iced cold sparkling water.


    Sorry for all the pictures. We had a fun day and I wanted to share. Hope you don't mind.
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    Sometimes, I miss the Island... Other times, not! This is one of those "I miss it" times!!
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    I used to go up to sunset all the time when I was stationed at Schofield. Great pics, thank you for sharing!!
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    Ha! I love it, so beautiful there. I wouldn't go in the water, can't swim (no, literally). On top of water, fine, but if I ever go under, I am a lead weight with lungs full of salt water. Just how it is.

    I drink my veggies, too!
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    I am lucky my monkeys are also fish, as is my wife. I am a lousy swimmer, but survived spear fishing (no scuba), even in really bad conditions. Although the current scares the crap out of me. Also scuba'd down to about 80 feet. But with scuba, it's mellow and you can breathe.
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    Yup, that's how I remember it. Spent many a day at Hanauma Bay snorkling until we were wiped out. I lived in Makaha for a year before moving to Waikiki for almost two years. Then back on base at Barbers Point. I can almost smell the ocean in your pics. Thanks for sharing.
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