Super Bowl threats?

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    Note: I have NO direct knowledge of any conspiracy as described below as a possibility. The facts and conclusions are drawn from stories the open media and the alternative media, including websites and mail groups.

    Detroit Super Bowl Terrorist Attack
    Possible Scenario:
    (Revised 30 January 2006)
    I. The Setup:
    (a) A multitude of warnings from government officials of another domestic terrorism event have aired in the [compliant] media.
    (b) The new "bin Laden" speech threatening an eminent "muslim" terrorist attack more devastating than 9/11.
    (c) Patriot Act II ready to be approved by congress. (Martial Law)
    (d) Plenty of time to place "terrorist" weapons in the stadium to be remotely detonated on cue.
    (e) This date, February 5, 2006, is an "11" day for the numerologists
    (f) The football League has cut ties with the nationally respected security firm it has used for the last 29 Super Bowls, and hired three smaller, less-experienced companies (Owned or controlled by Bush family members as in the World Trade Center on 9/11?)
    (g) NORAD and other military entities are staging drills to "protect" Ford Field on Sunday, February 5, 2006. (Remember 9/11?)
    (g) Many more others are available but these are more than necessary to illustrate the point.

    II. The Event:
    (a) Destruction of Ford Field with a mini-nuke and/or other less deadly but massive and overwhelming pyrotechnic weapons is exercised.
    (b) Thousands of "American" men, women, children and "heroes" are murdered in a few seconds.
    (c) Tens of millions of people are watching the event "live" on television all over the planet!
    (d) Shock and awe, terror, fear and anger on a historic level far beyond that of 911 ensue.

    III. The Benefits to the Criminals:
    (a) Shifting public concerns away from the Bushites incompetence and criminal acts, and back to even greater terrorist fears.
    (b) Provision of a "reason" to attack Iran with nuclear weaponry. (Reason for the neocons to use a mini-nuke for "terrorist" event.)
    (c) Investigations of illegal spying on the American people scheduled to begin this week will be quickly dispensed with.
    (d) The Patriot Act that expires on February 2, 2006 is guaranteed to be renewed, and Patriot Act 2, 3, 4 etc. would be passed.
    (e) Congressional hearings on illegal wiretapping scheduled to begin February 6, 2006 will be cancelled or easily dismissed.
    (f) A number of lawsuits, initiated by various citizen groups set to begin to enter the court system on February 6, 2006 against the Bushites, will be quickly and quietly eliminated.
    (g) The re-cycling of an "obsolete" major city with huge profit potential for the "elite" is facilitated. *

    IV. Immediate implementation of the Fourth Reich.
    (a) Complete loss of all remaining freedoms of the people of the United States under martial law will result.
    (b) All elections will be "Temporarily" suspended, and the establishment of a permanent group of criminals in power will be quickly accomplished.
    (b) There will suddenly appear a myriad of "patriotic" groups with appealing acronyms. These will lure the gullible to do their "patriotic" duty and report/fight anyone disagreeing with the NWO directives.
    (c) Plans for policing and censorship of the internet are in place now and will be used to eliminate individuals using it against the NWO.
    (d) Heavily armed foreign troops now secretly housed in the U.S. will be deployed to replace any uncooperative police and military units, and deal with any militia threat to the New World Order being established.

    V. Final Result:
    (a) The total destruction of the United States of America by a worldwide alliance against the Fourth Reich would eventually be achieved, or civilization would be wiped out by a nuclear holocaust.

    *Detroit, once the bustling and economically powerful center of production of automobiles is now blighted by huge areas of empty industrial buildings and facilities due to outsourcing caused by political/economic forces. The crime rate is among the highest in the country. Its destruction therefore would pave the way for "carpetbaggers" to seize the land and re-build the city as their own. Thus this city may be expendable for these reasons, in the eyes of the neocons. New Orleans was the first major U.S. city where this kind of plan is now being tested and seems to be a success so far for the criminals who now control our destinies.
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