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    Sounds interesting...I've often wondered why no one made a powdered drink that contained everything one needed to survive so maybe they do. Need to go on a week long hike and try it.
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    3 years is not very long.
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    No it isn't but nothing green or with fat in it has a very long shelf life.

    You lose nutrients as it ages even in a low or no oxegyn environment. This pesky Enzymes and vitamins have a short shelf life. It's why @Gopherman and I are so crazy about moringa trees. the vitamins etc (aka ORAC values) are the highest of any plant. you van grow moringa in a pot in the house just keep trimming it. or so I'm told
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    It is certainly an info-mercurial. The link had all the catch phrases: gluten-free, non-GMO. It had all the trendy super foods. These super packs of all the good stuff combine in one are very reflective of our society. We want a pill or potion to cover all. Instead of taking time to eat properly and make sure we get all of our nutrients, we by these products that are supposed to be the cure all.

    My experience: I bought this- Primal Master Formula - Multivitamin Supplement | Primal Blueprint It was supposed to cover all my bases as a supplement to my eating plan. It makes me sick. I tried the first week- ill. Tried a few months later- same result. I still have half the packs in the cupboard. This did not just happen with Primal products. My nutritionist sold me a combo natural, nutritional, all the good stuff pill. That made me sick also. There seems to be an ingredient in these products that do not agree with me. So take note- when you buy these products that have 20-30 good stuff things all in a little pill, if your body rejects one ingredient, it is a waste of $$.
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