Superb Sunny Florida Weekend!

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    Morning lows in the high forties, days get into the mid eighties, with a nice breeze - NO clouds! Clearest blue sky, just perfect!
    Saturday, a buddy and I put up another tree stand in the woods, and recce'd the area. LOTS of deer sign! Looks to be shaping up to a nice hunting season - got my license all squared away, and need to load and test some Thutty-thutty loads - got some new 170 grain RN-SP to try. Still got the good 160 grain Hornady FTX from last year too.

    Sunday - today - I attended the "Revell Family Reunion" down in Sopchoppy, Florida - my Dad's family's stomping grounds. Met the aunts, uncles and cousins I haven't seen in a coon's age.
    Lots of good home cooking, some of Aunt Marilyn's locally-famous Red Velvet Cake. Shot the bull with the old codgers. Oldest family member is Aunt Dolly at 102 - and still gets around pretty good! She's been in a 'Home' the last four years, but had lived alone up til then!
    Our youngest attendee was a little girl of two years, and had three or four other youngins.
    Nice campground - the Sopchoppy City Park, right on the river. Full RV hook-ups and tent camping too - but small enough to be enjoyable. Far enough off the highway to be quiet and not packed. Definitely goes on my list of campgrounds to stay at sometime!
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