Superspreader Events No Concern Now

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Oct 11, 2021.

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    I got to thinking this morning, there were tons os so called superspreader events last year, the bike rally in Sturgis, North Dakota, weddings, protests in blue cities, riots in blue cities, spring break, sporting events, etc In the few months of summer, COVID seemed to become not so big a deal, then along comes the delta variety and all of a sudden, COVID is even worse, more severe, easier to spread and such. So how come, this year, here it is week 5 of the NFL season and college football season and the stadiums are packed. Most of the big stadiums hold over 100,000 folks per event, 8 NFL games per week, (almost 1M folks in close contact) Lord knows how many football games per week (again, hundreds of thousands of folks side by side) but no one is considering the venues to be superspreader events.

    Somebody (or somebodies) are lying to us and most folks are accepting the lies at face value.
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    I count 16 NFL games, plus 48 Division 1 football games…hmmm, great question TXKajun
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    Every Republican draw was a super spreader. Any liberal cause, no comment or people "just needed to let off steam".
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  4. Gator 45/70

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    People know it's all BS and lie's on the grand scale, Total B.S.
  5. Cruisin Sloth

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    I know a bunch that believe TV and NEWS , their gone , and no turning back 3 shots and waiting on the fourth
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    Y'all need to give a though to all of the high school football games played in every small town and city across America on Friday nights...that has to be over a million people. Yes, there is a double standard, and for those that think that their sh-t don't stink, anything they do is OK! However, if you attend a sporting event, county fair, or car race, then you are a danger to ALL mankind and must be punished!
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    I just played a jam session with some folks that rewrite pop songs as Jesus tunes. It was quite different but I didn't much like it.
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    I went fishing during the lockdowns defying orders to not go due to the absolute garentees of spreading the Coof, guess what, nobody got the Rona the whole time! I even went flying, damn near every day, all by my onesome, never caught the Rona then either! All those super spreader events we were warned of never actually spread anything despite being forbidden from going and doing!

    What's next, can't drive in the fast lane because Covid only spreads in the fast lane, fuck that, I got a Challenger, catch me if you can!!!
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    Hey I might host a super spreader event at my house this weekend. BEvERages and BBQ.
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    Address Plz Ms .
    Im In
  11. Ura-Ki

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    Same, i'll even pick ya up on the way!
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    Let's take this super spreader event to the White house and pray the thieves in office catch it . But ,, they're probably the ones hoarding all of the Ivermectin,, no jabs for the elites .
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  14. SB21

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    Well , well , well ,,, imagine that ,,, the elites force us to take a potentially deadly shot ,, when all we need is a few readily available, tried and true , pills . But they keep the pills for themselves,, and push the deadly jab on their peasants. Sounds like a good reason for a massive population uprising.
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  16. enloopious

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    what's covid?

    Do you ever get to the point where you just want to turn it off? How long can they drag this out for? After teh first 2 weeks Covid was over for me. I never changed anything I did. People are still dragging it out and I can't figure out why. Delta? Lambda? Mu? I mean really. Cmon man. It's gotten silly. How can anyone take them seriously EVER again? They have been telling everyone they are ALL GOING TO DIE!!! for 2 years straight. TWO YEARS. They also tell us all that there is a 99.998% survival rate. Where did common sense go? Is everyone asleep? Are there no real men anymore?

    I went to Mass yesterday and every single person in the state was still wearing a mask. Everyone but me. Nobody said a word. Nobody told me to put it on. Nobody fought against it or protested. They looked like actual zombies. They acted like zombies. My internal zombie meter where it goes from NOPE to WWZ is at about 50% right now.

    Zombie Preparedness | CDC
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  17. Ura-Ki

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    Try that on Kali, everyone is still masked up solid, even when alone outside jogging in the park, or at the beach, and they will shoot you for taking your mask off in certain areas!
  18. enloopious

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    It's hard for people to understand if they weren't born there but California is actually a RED state. Most of the people who have lived there for generations are still conservative. If they were to audit the vote in CA there is no doubt in my mind that Trump actually won there. I saw gay pride parades SUPPORTING Trump. There used to be gun stores on every corner and everyone voted for Republicans. But because back in the day it was the 3rd largest economy in the world it had to be taken down by the Commies using Socialism. Could you imagine letting that power house stand? The rulers and dictators would never be able to take over.

    After WW2 they started the Communist Coup. There have been waves upon wave of communist attacks since the 1950s. First they destroyed the rich white neighborhoods by shipping tons of poor black kids into rich white schools. They took over Hollywood to make sure their plans were accepted by the public. Then they started flooding in illegal immigrants and handing out freebies, taking from the rich and giving to the poor foreigners in the name of the children. Then the beatniks came in the 50s and brought grass and low morals. Then hippies came in the 60s. Then druggies and bikers and transients came in the 70s. The 80s brought fear porn and serial killers while bus loads of illegals came in tunnel systems that Walmart built going underground from Mexico to the US. But always there was the communist push by the POLITICIANS to make everyone poor and divided.

    They have been doing this since the 1950s and now they are doing it to TEXAS and Florida and all the other states. So if you think that California is filled with idiots who just chose to be dumb, reality is, it was just like Texas and Kali is what the rest of the country is going to look like soon. You better wake up and start fighting back or the whole of the US will BE California. Then China.

    Video Of Trump Supporters Dancing To A MAGA-Version Of 'YMCA' Is Truly Something To Behold

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    Glad to see at least a few people call him out on it.
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