Second Amendment Survey of Marines

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    Ran across this from 1994 and thought some would find it interesting and others a reminder....

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    This survey has been modified a few times as it has circulated about the internet; but, shockingly, it did actually exist, and was administered to several hundred Marines. But it wasn't administered by the Pentagon, and didn't travel through official channels. It was a project of a Monterey Post Graduate School student, LCDR Ernest Cunningham; and piss poor judgement. Cunningham himself was actually a constitutional rights supporter, and claimed that he was attempting to demonstrate to the chain of command that troops were not being educated on their duties under the constitution. Sadly, all his academic project did was to convince the American public that the military truly had designs on their guns, and were being conditioned to attack the American public.

    I agree with LCDR Cunningham that American troops are not being properly educated about our constitution and the rights of American citizens, but I think he was a first class putz for attempting to prove it in this manner.
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    Would be interesting to see the results of such a survey today... Just for comparison sake...
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    As much as I want to know...I don't want to know.
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    That was hard to read in txt format, so I've copied it into Word and attached it. Not everything lined up perfectly, but should be a lot easier to read.

    Note particularly the End Note. Also note that it is NOT current, and may not reflect things as they are now (but betcha it does.)

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    It makes me angry reading that questionaire..... there are not any good words to express my opinion, as a former Army soldier or as a concerned citizen. :censored:
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    Platoon leaders questioned us verbally with these.
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